Taking back the stories

I have sat down so many times over the last several months to write, only to come up with nothing. Sure, I have posted here and there. Yes, my health problems, which also created brain fog, had a bit to do with everything. However, my biggest problems was that I came to terms that before I really took a break from the blog, I was starting to feel like a sell out.

I started this blog to promote my business. I don’t really have a business anymore, but I do have a lot of parenting stories to tell. I also have three kids at very different places in their lives which makes for an interesting story as well.


It is hard to get your story seen sometimes, and there are SO MANY social media outlets now, more than when I first started. It is easy to get caught up in the social media aspect of blogging to the point that the story you want to tell starts to feel like a chore after you schedule everything and post to each and every social media outlet in hopes that someday your blogging efforts will be noticed. For me, it has taken the joy out of writing, and I don’t want that because then I don’t want to write which defeats the purpose of having a blog. It also undoes all the work I have put into this little slice of the blogosphere over the years.

I had a nice talk with a fellow blogger and then another one with my main contributor. While I would love to make money with this blog, my priority here is telling a story and sharing my blog in ways that are manageable to me. While some bloggers can manage hitting up all social media outlets, and I commend them because I know they work really hard. I love them for that. However, I cannot do that right now.

So I ask of you, my dear readers, if something I write, or something my contributors write, speaks to you, please pass it along to your friends. For now, I will be here writing my stories and hoping that some of you can relate to them!


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