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How to win at Cyber Monday Shopping with Target

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You made it through Black Friday…or maybe you did what I did and stayed home. Actually, I traveled to my parents and visited them instead of dealing with crowds, but I also finished my shopping over a month ago. It’s okay, you can hate me. I used to work retail, and it sorta ruined holiday shopping for me. That, and I really hate crowds. I see pictures on the news and start to sweat. When I had the shop, I used to use it as a time to decorate the shop and welcome people who had come back from a day with shopping with snacks and crafts. I truly miss doing that, but I digress.
Okay, so Cyber Monday is all day today. While I have my shopping done, I do look for deals…as in I go through our closets and see if there is anything that needs added if I can get it for a good price. I also look at things I can stock up on for later and sometimes buy presents for future birthdays and other gifts.
That being said, Target offers 15% off your entire order for Cyber Monday, which is awesome! Plus they have free shipping! In addition to all of that, here are some of their other highlights!
•    30% off select clothing for the family
•    All Graco on sale up to 20%
•    Save $100 on the PlayStation GT Sport VR Bundle
•    Save up to $50 on Google Home devices
•    Save up to $100 on GoPro action cameras
Even if you have your holiday shopping done, you still might want to take advantage of the clothing deals, and if you have a little one or one on the way or know someone who is having a baby, the Graco deal is a good one too!
So, what is the best deal you have gotten so far? Mine was an $80 Lego set that I got for $30. Wanna know how? Check back this week, and I will give you my thrifting holiday shopping scoop. Happy Shopping, and don’t forget to check me out on Facebook and Instagram for stories and fun!

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