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Making Breakfast fun with Fish Waffles Art!

Sometime ago, Miss Crankles told me she wanted me to make her fish waffles for breakfast. At first, I was afraid that she meant that she wanted me to make fish and waffles. I mean I suppose if you can have chicken and waffles…why not fish and waffles? Actually, don’t do that. It just sounds awful. Anyways, she was on a Goldfish bender, so what she really wanted was waffles in the shape of fish!


The little stinker actually remembers that I make characters and such out of waffles from time to time, like my Princess Leia waffle creations for Star Wars Day. It took me a bit to think about how I wanted to do these because while it is easy to shape the waffles, I like to make them cutesy and fun.

For this project, I decided that I needed some whipped topping and blue berries. I decided to stay pretty basic with it, but I knew I could have fun with it too!



My idea was pretty simple: use one waffle for the body and cut another one in half to use for the tail. I used the whipped topping to decorate the tail and to hold the blueberry eyes in place. Then I used some of the other blueberries to give it that “Under the Sea” kind of feel! Miss Crankles absolutely loved it!

Doing waffle art is a fun way to make sure your kids get a good breakfast. Granted, the whipped topping may not be the healthiest, but the fruit and waffles are filling. You could even try adding bacon accents for seaweed or something just for fun!

I love doing stuff like this for the kids every now and then. It makes breakfast fun, but it also creates good memories. What kinds of things do you do to make mealtime more fun? What would you add to my Fishy Waffles? As always, I welcome your comments below!


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