26 Days of Thanksgiving: Letter D

I realize I am a little late in posting, and I noticed I have some new blogs to visit in the morning, but I was busy tonight on one of the things I am thankful for: dates! I am thankful for Dates with my husband, for coffee Dates with my friends, and for playDates for my children! I had a wonderful date with my husband that included pancakes (which don’t start with a D but are awesome just the same)!
I am also thankful for my (step)dad Don (two Ds at once). He has taught me about cars, tractors, and being on the farm. I love when we get to have our special time together when I come home going out for breakfast, even if it does mean getting up way too early in the morning.
I am also thankful for the ability to dream. Some of my dreams are very big, and if you can’t dream big, then what do you have to shoot for?
What are you thankful for today?


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