7 Ways parenting a newborn is like being a college student again

Remember all the weird things about college that you thought you would never deal with again. Well, you were wrong. Here are 7 ways that parenting a newborn is like being a college student again!

How I get through the day...every day!
How I get through the day…every day!

1. Febreze becomes an acceptable substitute to laundry again. Don’t have time to do laundry? Of course you don’t! Spray a little Febreze over that top and voila! It’s just like it came out of the dryer!
2. Remember how you used to stay up all night in college studying (or playing Euchre or watching movies with friends)? Yeah, you can get that overtired feeling once again, only this time with a little peanut of a person! BTW, if you don’t have Netflix, you should seriously think about it right about now.
3. Remember those times you cleaned vomit off your friends? Yeah, now you get to clean that off and more from your newborn. However, newborns are still cute after they make a disaster for you to clean up…your college friends…probably not so much.
4. Care packages are like a gift from God!
5. Naps are a necessity.
6. Pajamas are an acceptable form of attire. I will admit, I wore pajamas to class a lot. Heck, I had some classes in my dorm building and wore fuzzy slippers with said pajamas to class. Having a baby makes me want another pair of fuzzy slippers!
7. Coffee is your best friend, and if anyone tries to deny you of said coffee, you might have to bite them (okay, really don’t do that…I may have threatened to bite someone in college for trying to take my coffee, but in my defense, he was really annoying and probably deserved it).
Do you have any to add? I would love to hear yours in the comments below!


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