Our Mission

Misfit Mama Bear Haven is a band of Misfit Parents sharing their tales of life as parents who don’t always fit in with the rest of the PTA. We strive to create a community and share our lives, techniques, favorite products and places, and children’s stories with you. So pop a squat, grab a cup of joe, and relax with us!


Our Writers

Lesa aka Pricilla (Editor, Head Writer)

Lesa originally created this blog with the title of Bear Haven Mama’s Tales to complement her party planning business. From there, the blog became a way to tell her story about homeschooling, being an oilfield wife, hosting exchange students, and planning parties. Recently her family started a new adventure in a new state, and her husband left the oilfield for the world of insurance. With all the changes and also having health issues as well as Post-Partum Depression, Lesa took a break from social media and party planning to focus on life and her family. She has three kidlets: Bubby (age 12), Sissy (age 9), and Crankles (age 1). She is now focusing on being the best dang homeschool mom that coffee allows and focusing on pin up modeling and promoting body positivity while sharing about her parenting triumphs and fails here!

Delia (Contributing Writer)

Delia Lianna is 38 years old,  has been married for 15 years, and has a nine year old daughter. She spent nine years as a special educator who brought home hours of work every evening and realized that her daughter was feeling neglected, so she quit her job and became a substitute.    Her life after school is filled with her daughter’s activities which include soccer, Girl Scouts (in which Delia leads), swim team, and church.  While she treasures every moment, parenting her is a challenge.  Her daughter is one of the many twice-exceptional children out there.  She is highly intelligent (gifted) and has ADD.  On top of her daughter’s issues, Delia deals with her own issues as in ADD, depression, and anxiety.  Her blog posts will deal with being a mother with mental illness and navigating the world of the twice exceptional.  She hopes her experiences will help others not feel so alone.