Today was the day when reality finally set in…

I like to play this game sometimes called, “Even though the doctors are diagnosing and telling me things, maybe everyone who kept telling me over the years that I was just making stuff up was right, and nothing is really wrong with me.” It is a stupid game to be honest, and I think the only reason I do it is because I struggle to wrap my head around all that is going on right now.


You may have noticed that I am not writing much right now. It is summer, and I know some people take the summer off from blogging. However, I am not one of those people. If we all want to be honest here, my writing has been somewhat sporadic for two years, ever since I landed in the hospital from having symptoms of a stroke. I was told it was not a stroke. I followed up with the world’s worst neurologist. Then before I could get a second opinion, my husband lost his job, and well I only ended up being able to start getting the ball rolling again this spring to find out just what is wrong with me.

I have a brain injury. I have probably mentioned this a few times over the years. I was hit by a car. Even though it was not my fault, I basically got screwed over majorly. I worked really hard trying to keep myself literate and even taught myself how to build a website, build a business, blog, and do social media. I worked really hard, and it all fell apart again when I ended up in the hospital two years ago.

I have been having some issues lately, and I seem to have some good doctors figuring things out now. However, it is hard on the kids. My almost three year old has become super clingy, and when I see her playing with her dolls, it is often the scenario that Barbie has to keep going to the doctor.

Today, she and I started having a conversation about how Mommy is sick. I told her I am not sick, but that my brain has a boo boo. Later, she hurt herself, and I looked her over and then gave her boo boo a kiss. I told her that it helps make things better. Soon after, my child took her hands and placed them on my face. She told me that she needed to kiss my head to make me feel better. I tried hard not to cry. It hurt so freaking bad. Why should my almost three-year old be worried about her mommy? Mommy is supposed to take care of her!

As the day progressed, suffice it to say that I ended up having an experience that made everything I know about what is going on with me right now seem very real and kinda scary. I do not feel like going into details just yet because I don’t want to share everything I have been told just yet. Part of me is hoping that my neurologist will have some light to shed on things, and I am seeing her next month. All I really want is for someone to fix me.

However, tonight, I am sitting here kinda scared and angry too. Fifteen years ago, I was hit by a distracted driver. With social media and texting, distracted driving seems to almost be a norm nowadays, and lately when I see it, I just want to scream. I think part of me is still angry at the woman who hit me because she gets to live her life, and here I am constantly giving up my dreams and also trying to downplay things because I don’t want my kids, my family, and my friends to worry about me. I am scared. I am scared because I want things to be organized. I want to be able to plan and do. Right now, I feel like I am staring into a big, dark void. I want to try to stay positive, and lately I am really struggling with that.

With all of this in mind, I have decided that I need to take these feelings and let them out, so here we are because I know that somewhere out there someone else probably feels the same way, so if nothing else, here I am saying you are not alone. And if nothing else, writing always makes me feel a bit better. I have not been writing much though. It has been so hard to sit and try to make the words come alive because I want to say things, but I don’t want your pity. I just want to get it out and tell my story.

So right now, this is my story. Life kinda sucks right now, and I am a bit angry. I have no words of wisdom, but I feel better now that I actually have said what is on my mind. What is on your mind right now? Feel free to share in the comments below or join the discussion on Facebook!


Fighting Inflammation with Aloe Vera

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As many of you know who follow me on other social media accounts, I have not been very active for a while because of my health. I do plan on going into detail about things and giving an update in the very near future, but I have been in a lot of pain. I have migraines and other issues related to a brain injury, so when the opportunity presented itself to try Nature’s Factory Earth’s Aloe, I thought it was worth a try.


Photo by Birgit_H

I have an aloe vera plant at home that I use for topical medicinal purposes. However, the aloe vera plant can also aid in digestion issues and help fight inflammation. Because of the neck injury I received from my accident fifteen years ago, I fight pain on a daily basis. It made me curious to try this product.

earth aloe.jpg

I honestly wish I would have known about this before because it does help with some of the pain I experience from day to day. Because I have such chronic pain, it makes me deliriously happy to get any sort of relief! It can also be useful if you have arthritis as well.

While I do not have issues with is now, I have had stomach issues in the past, and many people take this to help relieve IBS and other stomach issues. Who woulda thunk that this plant you use for cuts and scrapes could also do all of this?

Needless to say, I am hooked. Plus, it makes me happy that they are also a small company and made in the USA.

If you have chronic pain, like me, or if you have stomach issues, it may be worth looking into taking this as a supplement. You can find more information on their website or follow them on Facebook. You can also find them on Amazon as well.

I hope that if you have some of the issues I do that you can find relief, and if you have used this product, please let me know how it helped you in the comments below!


Summer Water Fun with Water Wubble

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One of the things we love most about summer is water fights! We love using water balloons but hate the messy clean up afterwards. In fact, my driveway still has some pieces leftover from our last one, so I was pretty excited that we all got to test out the Water Wubble recently.


What’s a Water Wubble? Water Wubble is like a water balloon that splashes but doesn’t break! You can refill them and use them over and over again! It is awesome! You don’t have a messy clean up either.


You can use a hose, a water bottle, or your faucet to fill them. They do not need tied and are fairly easy to close. The little one could handle them with ease. According to the kidlets, they are better than water balloons because they hold more water than regular balloons because you do not have to tie them. All three kids had a blast with their water war.


Water Wubble is available online at the Wubble Ball website and also at Target! You get 8 Water Wubble Balls in two colors, red and blue, so that you can form teams and play. My girls really liked that they each had their own color and that they could fill them as little or as much as they wanted.

We found them to be durable, and we look forward to playing with them more throughout the summer! Have you tried them? If so, how did you like them? Feel free to tell me in the comments below, and don’t forget to follow Misfit Mama Bear Haven on Social Media!


How to host a memorable playdate with some Disney Magic

blog cover picture

This post is sponsored by Disney as a part of the #DisneyKids Play Date campaign. All opinions are my own.

I love hosting playdates, so Miss Crankles and I decided to host a special Mommy and Me Disney Princess party for Mother’s Day a few weeks ago!

We started off by adding a bit of Mickey and Friends to our play space! We have a fantastic homeschool room that also houses quite a bit of our toys. It is right off our kitchen and made it so easy to have everything in one place!


It would not be a princess party without princess costumes. As luck would have it, I had some extra princess dresses to share with our friends! I also cleaned out the craft bins to find some Melissa and Doug craft kits, some photo crafts from Michael’s, and some stamp sets from Target! We had a card making kit from HP, so we used that with our Mother’s Day craft!



Next, I made sure I had some colorful finger food for the little ones. I was going to make cupcakes, but Miss Crankles wanted cookies, so I took my Disney themed cupcake liners and used them to put little treats that our small guests could easily grab!


As our guests arrived, some of them dressed up in their finery!


We had fun making crafts for moms!


Someone was having fun pretending to be Cinderella!


A few of the girls decided to have an impromptu tea party!


Even their big sisters got in on the fun!


The best part is that we all had fun! The girls had a magical time. I made sure to keep toys like play food, dolls, and blocks to inspire imaginative play. We kept the toys in the homeschool room, so it was fairly easy to clean up once the playdate was over. We made sure the snacks were easy and asked about food allergies before everyone arrived.

The most important thing to remember when hosting any playdate is to be relaxed and flexible. I love themed playdates because the focus is on certain toys or costumes. It is easy to get the kids engaged. At this age, organized playdates with lots of activities mostly falls flat. It is just too much for the little ones. I like to keep it simple to mostly playtime and sometimes an optional, yet simple craft because we moms should be able to have fun too (instead of finishing the crafts for our kids)! Keeping the food simple and in one place is nice because it means less mess. If you want your guests to eat food in only one area, just make sure you let them know when it is time to eat.

Most of all, have fun! Enjoy the magic of playtime and friends!

What are some tips that you could add to hosting a preschool aged playdate? Please feel free to add in the comments below!


Target’s May Beauty Box is live!!!

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You may remember that I reviewed the Target Beauty Box not that long ago. These boxes come out once a month and are full of awesome full-size and sample size products. You also get a coupon for a beauty purchase. It is really worth the money in my opinion as I have actually found some great products by getting them. The new box is on the website, and I wanted to share with all of you so that you can get it before Target runs out of them!

52378314As you can see, there are a lot of goodies in this box. You can click here to order. I already ordered mine! If you do snag one, please be sure to tell me what your favorite product from it is!


The Perfect Family Picture

I had such lofty ideas of getting a cutesy spring photo of my kids the other day on Easter. For once, I actually coordinated the outfits and was so over the moon that I needed to save the moment because this seriously may never happen again. I mean my oldest is almost 14 and too cool for everything. My almost 11 year old is not going to want to match her baby sister much longer. Also, do you know how hard it is to match an almost 11 year old to a 2 year old? It is almost impossible! In fact, I am pretty sure the sales clerk thought I was nuts! Okay, so maybe my desire to keep them cutesy and little is a bit much, but still I need this every once in a while! Sibling matching outfits! It’s the dream!

Well, the picture did not turn out as planned. My son just needs a pitchfork to look like that iconic farmer painting dude. And the girls…well, let’s just say that this was the best shot!


Notice the blue tongue of my older daughter from too much candy consumption. Then there is Crankles who just keeps doing weird things with her hands. Their expressions! Oh my word. On the upside, it captures their personalities, and in the end, that is what matters. I do wonder if they would be embarrassed later if this picture would end up on the wall. Eh. What’s the worst that could happen?



Fairy Garden Fun

I have what people call a brown thumb. This is problematic right now because our new house has several flower beds. I decided that since I am not really good with plants, I might do some other things in those gardens that don’t interfere with the plants that seem to grow on their own. Thank goodness they do that by themselves.


I have been noticing Fairy Garden stuff everywhere…at Target, Home Depot, and even the dollar stores. Miss Crankles volunteered to be my partner in crime on this project, and she happily picked out pieces to start our project.

We decided that the fairies needed some houses, so we grabbed a few houses, and I am going to paint some more at ceramics class.


To make it more interesting, I told her the fairies lived there. Then we set a fairy figure by the swing set so that he could push any fairies on the swing that may come upon our little garden.

We also thought they needed a place to sit, so we positioned a table and chairs. Then we placed another fairy there to await company.


To finish the start of our fairy garden, we put a little bridge with a fairy to welcome others to our little fairy garden.


The key to making this fun has been telling a story as we have been creating this garden. Miss Crankles is small, but she has a big imagination and loves being told how the fairies are going to visit the garden at night and stay in our little fairy houses and swing on our fairy swing. Adding whimsy to your life can make you feel like a kid too. Telling her the story and seeing her excitement makes me want to believe that maybe at night while I sleep, the fairies will play in the little garden we made.

What kinds of things do you do to spark imagination? I would love to hear your story in the comments below!