When the Tiny House Movement isn't for you

If you are willing to think outside the box and research neighborhoods, you might be able to find a gem in a neighborhood that you may not have thought of looking. You obviously want to make sure it is a safe neighborhood, but if you find a neighborhood that is on its way to bettering itself, you might be able to find a good property for less. If you invest in it, you not only can make a dream home for yourself for a lot less, but you are investing in your community

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Easy to Make Reindeer Food DIY

I was experimenting in the kitchen with reindeer food for tonight, and I came up with something that will take two minutes and be lotsa fun! Ingredients: 1 C Oats Red and Green Decorating Sugar or glitter (note: decorating sugar is not as messy and will not leave your sidewalks looking like a bomb went… Continue reading Easy to Make Reindeer Food DIY


National Get Organized Month

By Stefanie Slater, Bear Haven Mama Contributor January is National Get Organized Month!!! Have you started cleaning out your closets, making piles to donate old toys and clothing? If you have not then join in with millions others who are taking the step to get organized. Being organized will help you to be more productive… Continue reading National Get Organized Month

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Arts and Crafts Birthday Party

Invitations: If you are going to have an Art Themed Birthday Party, why not start out the experience by making invitations? If you have some stamp sets, use cardstock and make some cute invites. If you don't have a stamp set, you could also decorate the invitations with stencils and stickers. Make sure you note… Continue reading Arts and Crafts Birthday Party