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Hallmark is Making Cards Super Groovy!

If you are looking for a last minute gift, these will definitely impress your Valentine! Each card comes with a card that contains an LP single. At Christmas, I got one with an Itty Bitty in it! I did not think anything could top that...UNTIL today. I am hoping they make these for other occasions in the future because they are really unique, and I cannot wait to hand some out tomorrow to some of my favorite people!

Gifts and Gift Guides

How to win at Cyber Monday Shopping with Target

*This post has affiliate links You made it through Black Friday...or maybe you did what I did and stayed home. Actually, I traveled to my parents and visited them instead of dealing with crowds, but I also finished my shopping over a month ago. It's okay, you can hate me. I used to work retail,… Continue reading How to win at Cyber Monday Shopping with Target

Gifts and Gift Guides

2014 Last Minute Toy Gift Guide

This last minute toy guide is chocked full of toys for every kid that won't break the bank!