Fighting Inflammation with Aloe Vera

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As many of you know who follow me on other social media accounts, I have not been very active for a while because of my health. I do plan on going into detail about things and giving an update in the very near future, but I have been in a lot of pain. I have migraines and other issues related to a brain injury, so when the opportunity presented itself to try Nature’s Factory Earth’s Aloe, I thought it was worth a try.


Photo by Birgit_H

I have an aloe vera plant at home that I use for topical medicinal purposes. However, the aloe vera plant can also aid in digestion issues and help fight inflammation. Because of the neck injury I received from my accident fifteen years ago, I fight pain on a daily basis. It made me curious to try this product.

earth aloe.jpg

I honestly wish I would have known about this before because it does help with some of the pain I experience from day to day. Because I have such chronic pain, it makes me deliriously happy to get any sort of relief! It can also be useful if you have arthritis as well.

While I do not have issues with is now, I have had stomach issues in the past, and many people take this to help relieve IBS and other stomach issues. Who woulda thunk that this plant you use for cuts and scrapes could also do all of this?

Needless to say, I am hooked. Plus, it makes me happy that they are also a small company and made in the USA.

If you have chronic pain, like me, or if you have stomach issues, it may be worth looking into taking this as a supplement. You can find more information on their website or follow them on Facebook. You can also find them on Amazon as well.

I hope that if you have some of the issues I do that you can find relief, and if you have used this product, please let me know how it helped you in the comments below!


Target’s May Beauty Box is live!!!

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You may remember that I reviewed the Target Beauty Box not that long ago. These boxes come out once a month and are full of awesome full-size and sample size products. You also get a coupon for a beauty purchase. It is really worth the money in my opinion as I have actually found some great products by getting them. The new box is on the website, and I wanted to share with all of you so that you can get it before Target runs out of them!

52378314As you can see, there are a lot of goodies in this box. You can click here to order. I already ordered mine! If you do snag one, please be sure to tell me what your favorite product from it is!


Maple Holistics Dead Sea Mud Mask Review

I received this product from the company for this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I admit that I do not always take good care of my skin. Sometimes, I just don’t make enough time for a good skin care routine. However, I am trying to change that which was why I was happy to try out a Dead Sea Mud Mask by Maple Holistics.

mapleholistics review

Maple Holistics is a natural beauty products business based out of New Jersey. Their products are cruelty free and all natural. They are also all made in the USA.


I recently tried the Dead Sea Mud Mask as I was looking for something to deep clean my face and help with some of the blemish problems I have. I am acne prone, and so I really like to find products to help with it.


One of the first things I noticed is that it is super thick. It also smells nice. The mask contains mud from the Dead Sea, which is known for its purifying salts and minerals. It also has German Chamomile, Lavender, Green Myrtle, Clary Sage, and Biodeynes EMPP. The Biodeynes EMPP is for skin elasticity, and the German Chamomile is to help reduce stress and calm nerves. With as thick as it is, I thought I would need a lot, but a little goes a long way for this product. I did not need that much for my face.

After washing my face once I was done, I noticed my skin looked a little brighter. I have not had as many issues with blackheads since I have been using it. I use this about once a week to relax and also take care of my skin! To show you how nice my skin looks, here is a makeup free selfie taken a few minutes after I was done!


My verdict: I like this mask a lot and have integrated this into my skincare routine. I like that it does not smell bad. It does not have harsh chemicals. It works, and I do not need to put a lot on my face to use it.

If you would like to give their products a try, they are giving free sample products! Please visit their website to request yours and feel free to tell me about your experience in the comments below!


Sneak Peek at the March Target Beauty Box

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I have recently become addicted to beauty boxes. My favorite is Target’s beauty box, and so I thought I would show you what was inside my box for this month. The box I got was $7.00, which is not bad, considering you get a good amount of stuff, plus you get a $3.00 off coupon to use at Target. (Let’s face it, you are gonna be there anyways, so you may as well take some coupons when you can get them!)

PicMonkey Image

Before I begin, I just want to say that you have not been to the beauty and makeup section at your Target in a while, you are totally missing out. Ok, so if yours is not as awesome as mine, I apologize in advance. Seriously though, mine is like a mini beauty store. I can and will spend what seems like an eternity there. If you have to do it, stop at the Starbucks first and bribe your kids with mini-scones. They are 3 for 3. If your Target Starbucks does not have them, you should really speak to someone because they are really awesome. (Yes, I did just admit that I bribe my children with scones. No, I do not feel bad about this. I probably should, but let’s face it, I need my time in Target. I will not get this time if all they want to do is look at video games or toys. It is a small price to pay really.)


Ok, so this box is a spring break theme. The product sizes are all trial or regular…as in I got a regular size lip gloss. However, the trial size is not skimpy. You could use them for vacation, or you could use them for a good trial to see if you like them. Also, they are not total crap products either. I have yet to get a box where I did not try everything at least once. Also, my 10-year old daughter tries to run off with my goodies too. Hands off Sissy Girl! Buy your own box!


In this box, I received a trial size of Soapbox’s Bamboo Shampoo and Conditioner, Jergens Natural Glow Wet Skin Moisturizer, Skin Fix Foaming Oil Cleanser, Dove Dry Shampoo, Neutrogena Hydro Boost Lip Shine, and Missha Time Revolution Wrinkle Repair (which my 10-year old says I do not need to use. I feel she is buttering me up for something.)

I am really excited most to try the Skin Fix cleanser as I love their products. I got a lotion in a previous box and have been using it as my purse lotion all winter. LOVE IT! I am going to use all this stuff! I just am. I love doing this box because the products are always something of interest, and it gives me a chance to see if I will like something before I plunge into a full-size commitment.

If you are looking at trying a beauty box and haven’t, this is a great starter. I know that my links for this may sometimes say “unavailable,” but you can always check back. It took me a few months to be able to start getting these. However, it is worth the wait.

I hope this has been helpful. I think I am gonna go now and play with my new goodies! Do you do beauty boxes? If so, which one is your favorite?