Good Goals for the New Year

Every year, I jumped on the bandwagon of setting a New Year’s resolution. This year instead of making a resolution, I made a list of goals. Things I want to accomplish, but not really resolutions. Resolutions are things that tend to be stuck to strictly within the first few weeks of the year and then when we screw up and “fail” we give up entirely. We often backslide even farther than where we started. I am starting with this list of goals for the New Year.

Putting Clutter to Rest

The reasons for clearing clutter are many, but the big reasons are that a.) We do not have the space and b.) I want to try to teach the kids to not be as hung up on material things. When we had our large house and first moved there, we had so much space! We had this old house with three floors of living space and a mostly finished basement. We filled it with furniture, toys, books, clothes, among other things. One of the hardest things coming here was realizing that this house did not have the closet space our other house did, nor did it have the storage space. We absolutely HAD to get rid of some things, but how?

Feeding a family on a budget without the headache!

Make a grocery list, and stick to your list. Whether you go to Aldi, Walmart, Target, Giant, Costco, or any other place, you will blow your budget if you do not stick to your list. Do not get into the mindset of overbuying because you may end up with a pantry of unused food. Do not get into the mindset of, “Well this is on sale…I just got to get it!” You will overspend. If you are going somewhere that sells things other than food, put the other merchandise you need on your list. If it is not on the list, don’t buy it.