Kids, wordful wednesday

Strike a pose

Toddlers crack me up! The other week, my husband got some new photography backdrops and was testing them out. Miss Crankles decided she needed to strike a pose! By the way, you should all ignore the fact that she is wearing her pajamas backwards because the kid is a known diaper digger. Just focus on… Continue reading Strike a pose

Kids, wordful wednesday

No Pictures Please!

I think Crankles likes to mess with me. She does something so cute and adorable, and then she does THIS when I try to capture it with my camera! The one on the left was her pose when she wanted to show Hello Kitty off to her friends. She ASKED me to take a picture,… Continue reading No Pictures Please!

wordful wednesday

Toddler Logic

(Figured it is also time to bring back Wordful Wednesday...Besides, I take way too many pictures to keep them to myself.) Why yes, this is a My Little Pony eating a bowl of Cheerios. Why is her head buried in the bowl? Well apparently, Miss Crankles (the Toddler formerly known as Sweet Pea) decided that… Continue reading Toddler Logic