How to Re-Purpose a Walkthrough Bedroom

Our family lives in a house built in 1900. I don’t have an issue with anyone living in a new house, but there is just something I love about living in an old house. However, there are certain quirks about old houses, and we are starting to do some remodeling and reconfiguring of some of the rooms in our 3 story house. With it being a new year, I am looking at more topics to write and would like to ultimately write once a day on here. I cover topics like party planning, new products in my store, homeschooling, and life in general. So I thought it would be fun to share some of the things we are doing with the house and ways you might be able to do the same and not spend tons of money! Our first project is our new sitting room!
This is our sitting room:
This room originally had ugly yellow wallpaper and semi-shag carpet. The carpet is still there, but I have it covered partially by a rug that used to belong in my shop. We had some furniture that we were no longer using in the living room, but we did not want to get rid of the pieces because they were still in decent condition. So we basically just stuffed them into this room without much order. This room has been an off room for many years. It is a walk-through bedroom. The former owners built onto the house and put a bedroom in the back of the house. You have to walk through this room to get to it. The back bedroom is now my son’s room. For years we have tried numerous things and struck out each time. For a while, it was a toy room. Then we thought it might be cool if we turned it into the master bedroom and used the back room as a massive walk-in closet. Then we used it as a bedroom for my son when we had our first exchange student, also a  boy. We used it as an office, and then finally we started using it as a sitting room. However, the furniture was a hodge podge, and it was cluttered. This weekend, we decided to de-clutter and organize this room.
At first glance, the rainbow-colored theme and black and white theme do not look like they should mesh. However, after moving the bookcases and the furniture, it actually looks kinda cute. We had an old desk that we did not use, so it is now the schoolwork desk and the craft desk. I organized the school books, and I found all sorts of resources I thought I had lost. I arranged board games and puzzles on shelves so that the kids could find them easier. Finally, we also moved all the old game systems up there so that the children can enjoy them as well. It makes a nice hangout for all of us. Plus, we did not have to pay anything to re-do this room because we used things around the house that we would have otherwise sold or thrown away. The result was a fun room from a previously awkward space!
Do you live in an older house? Do you have a walk-through bedroom? What have you done with your space to make it fun and creative? I would love to hear from you!


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