Have Kids…Lose Filter

I was talking to a friend tonight about her baby who is constipated, and it reminded me of all the nightmares of one colicky child and one child with acid reflux. It also reminded me of all the icky things we see, smell, and experience as parents and how we talk about them in great detail.
Before I became a parent, it never occurred to me to talk about poop…or its color, size, and consistancy. However, it’s not to say that I didn’t have a friend who did because we all have that one friend…you know, the one that calls you to tell you about what happened in the bathroom. Uh, gross!
Anyways, after you become a parent, you become obsessed with it. If your child poops a lot, you wonder if its normal. If your child doesn’t poop, you call your mom in a panic. And if your child eats sand….well, don’t let him eat sand. You know he will anyways. Just know, it’s going to be gross, and you may or may not be able to salvage the outfit afterwards.
And it’s not just poop you talk about. It’s the fluids and boogers and other gross stuff that makes non-parents look at your Facebook page and go, “Oh Gross. Why did you post that?” And if they say that to you, you are obliged to remind them when they make their first baby vomit post when they become parents.
So what is my point? I don’t really have one.  Let’s face it, our lives change once we have kids. I love my kids dearly, but I shutter when I think about the things that have come from them. I still shutter when I have to roll down the windows in the car because the stench from the back is wafting to my seat. Then I sigh with disgust as I realize that it came from the smaller one, but she is cute so I guess we will keep her.
Have you ever found yourself talking potty talk? Please feel free to share in the comments and be sure to check me out on Facebook!


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