Why You Need the Hey, Mama! Homeschool Planner for 2019/20 Year, a Review


If you are like me and need help with your homeschool organization, then I recommend you check out the Hey Mama! Homeschool Planner for 2019/20 Year with devotions written by Gena Suarez and published by The Old Schoolhouse®. This planner comes with  everything you need to organize your homeschool and daily life! Also, it includes encouragement for the homeschooling mama!

What is the Hey Mama! Homeschool Planner?

homeschool planner, homeschool organization

The Hey, Mama! Homeschool Planner for 2019/20 Year with devotions written by Gena Suarez simplifies your homeschool planning by having everything you need all in one place.  This 188 page planner includes:

  • Calendars for 2019 to 2020
  • Weekly Planning Pages
  • Monthly Goals Pages
  • Semester Goal Pages
  • Yearly Goal Pages
  • Attendance Chart
  • Curriculum Planning
  • Reading Log
  • Transcript Planning
  • and much more!

Also, this planner includes devotionals and encouragement from Gena Suarez throughout the entire planner.

homeschool planner, homeschool organization

How to Use the Planner

As someone who uses schedules and planners like a pro, let me just say that you shouldn’t get overwhelmed by all the options this planner contains. While some may use every section, some of you may prefer to only use certain sections for homeschool organization.

homeschool planner, homeschool organization

The calendar can be used to jot down appointments, birthdays, and important dates in your family’s life. With the weekly planning pages, use those to fill in specific events and course work that needs done. One benefit to the weekly planning pages is that you can write out all your child(ren)’s course work. Plus, you can schedule whatever you need by child all on one page! No more flipping back and forth to stay organized!

Also, use the handy attendance tools and reading logs to make sure that you keep track of attendance and reading. Plus, you can organize your curriculum used with each child. This all makes the end of the year reporting time a breeze because this planner gives you the foundations for your portfolios!

My thoughts about the Hey Mama! Planner

What I love most is how organized this planner is and how I can keep track of everything for the kids. However, I also love the bits of encouragement sprinkled throughout the book. Sometimes, we, as homeschooling parents get discouraged. Bad day and rough patches come at us all at once. Having encouragement slipped in the book makes a difference on days we need it the most!


For someone like me, I need a lot of the elements this planner provides to stay on top of homeschool. It helps me not forget important days and allows me to see my children’s progress.

If you want to snag your copy of the Hey Mama! Homeschool Planner for 2019/20 Year  by The Old Schoolhouse®, make sure you do it soon! This planner sold close to 98% of its print run, and after that, you won’t be able to purchase it again until next year. If you like this planner, be sure to check out my review of Schoolhouse Teachers from The Old Schoolhouse®.

I hope you found this review helpful. If you want to see other reviews on the Hey, Mama! Homeschool Planner for 2019/20 Year, be sure to check out the Homeschool Review Crew reviews! Happy Planning!

homeschool planner, homeschool organization


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