I am sorry when Daddy has to go away

Tonight my daughter needed some extra cuddles. Her daddy was home for the day but will be gone by the time she wakes in the morning. I feel her pain. I know it well. I hug her and give her extra kisses trying to make the wound in her heart a little more bearable.
My husband is gone about 20 days or more a month. You would think after five years we would be used to the routine. It doesn’t get any easier. It is hard on us all. The kids miss their dad. My husband misses their recitals most years. He missed when they lost their first teeth. He has to hear about everything on the phone or see it through pictures and videos. It’s hard on me. I play mom and dad for most of the month. I am very tired. I stay up late when the kids can’t sleep. I hold my daughter’s hair when she has the stomach flu. I try to keep the house going when I get said stomach flu a few days later. I take all the anger that builds up in the kids because they miss their dad. I manage the finances, the home, and anything else that pops up.
Our friends and family don’t understand us. They don’t understand why we choose to live this way. Honestly, my husband loves his job. He is well-respected. He gets to do something in his field. It’s also a job. In this economy, we are just grateful he has a good job. We make a lot of sacrifices. Communication is sometimes rough. I would be lying if I said our marriage is perfect. However, we have weathered the storms. My husband tries to do the best he can, even if it is just listening when he is away. When he is home, he tries to give me a break from things, and I try to make sure things are done when he is away that he may not be able to do because of work.
I am sorry when Daddy has to go away, but I am thankful for the time we have with him and look forward to having him home again soon.
Do any of you have long distance relationships or a spouse that travels a lot for work? If so, I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!
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