Learning Lessons the Hard Way

A lot of our original holiday plans for last weekend had to be altered due to an accident my son had last week, one that scared me and him. I am just grateful that it wasn’t as bad as it could be.
Last week, we went to visit friends for a playdate. While I have a rule about exercise equipment, my son decided to ignore the rule because the treadmill that he decided to explore was unplugged. It ended with him slipping, blood all over my friend’s floor, and some quick thinking on the part of my friend and me. Luckily, he did not have to get stitches. However, he has a pretty bad gash on the side of his foot right now. It’s all wrapped in gauze, but he is hobbling around just fine now. However, he did learn his lesson about exercise equipment, and I don’t think he will be going anywhere near any of mine or anyone else’s for a very long time.
This experience frightened me plenty, and so I wanted to take the opportunity to remind everyone to teach your children the dangers of exercise equipment so that you do not have a similar experience. A treadmill can be just as dangerous, as my son discovered, unplugged as when it is plugged into the wall. A child can build up momentum on there, slip, and hurt himself. My child slipped and caught his foot on a piece of metal from the treadmill.
I am just grateful that it wasn’t worse, and I am thankful that my friend was there to help. I am also thankful that I have another friend with medical training to ease my fears. I think my son learned his lesson. How do you handle your child being hurt?


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