Long car rides with children without a DVD player

When I was a child, I used to take frequent long car rides with my mom without all the fancy technology we have today. Man, does that make me feel old to say that! I mean really, it wasn’t that long ago. I swear! Anyways, I digress.
We used to have a DVD player in the car for long trips. My parents live 500 miles away, and I do not relish the trip with me and the kiddos for 8 hours without something to keep them from driving me crazy. (I love them dearly, but seriously they are little kids and they are cooped up in the car for a really long time. It would drive anyone a little bonkers.) However, every DVD player we purchased would die within a few months of purchase. (Luckily, I had warranties.) We didn’t really use them much. They just sat there and collected dust. ¬†Well after getting tired of returning the defective players every few months, I decided that we were just not going to have one. Yes, it did scare me a little to take a long (meaning 3 hour or more) car trip with the kids without one, but we have taken many successful car trips now without it. We don’t even miss it. Here are some things to keep in mind if you want to go without one in your vehicle.

  • Game Players (i.e. Leapster, DS, and other little handheld devices) My kids love to play these. I don’t bring them out right away either. I save them for later in the trip.
  • Books. We have holders on the seats for tons of books. The kids read their books and then trade.
  • Plastic trays. Plastic trays are awesome. You can give your child one so he/she can color, eat snacks, or whatever.
  • Bendaroos. If you get these, you may want to get a plastic tray. My kids loved playing with these on the last trip to my parents’ house. It kept them occupied and happy.
  • Colorforms or Magnetic playsets. My kids love these, and I love how compact they are.
Those are just a few things we do. We also play their favorite music and bring books on cd. Do you have any additional tips? If so, I would love to hear them!

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