Oh How I hate change sometimes

This past year has been a big year of change! Our  biggest change, of course, was how our family structure changed when we had a baby. While she was planned, it’s been a bit of an adjustment for everyone. The kids also changed dance studios this year when their dance studio closed. They spent the year getting to know a new teacher and making new friends. The big kids started piano this year. I stopped doing birthday parties for now. I still do party kits, but I am no longer actually doing entertainment for kids’ parties. Some of these things have pushed us out of our comfort zones, but it’s all been good. Now we are about to embark on an even bigger change…we are moving out of state!
It wasn’t supposed to be like this. My husband and I have kicked around the idea of moving for a few years now. However, we were thinking of moving like 20 miles away…not hundreds of miles away! In fact, we were starting to get our ducks in a row to do so when my husband got put on a rig for two months for a special project. The longer he was away, the more we got to talking about how this dynamic wasn’t quite working for us anymore. Then he mentioned how he has been passed over for office positions in his company because we don’t live near his office. The next thing I knew, he and I started searching for houses near his company’s headquarters.
In the back of my mind, I guess I just figured it was just talk. I didn’t think everything would actually come together. While I want to be able to have more time with my husband, I think I have gotten comfortable where we are. We have built a whole life here over the past 10 years. All of the kids’ friends are here. Many of my friends are here. My godchildren are here. My home is here. This is the place where my kids have learned to explore the world. This is the place where we took in 12 exchange students over the years. I love my home. I always imagined having a daughter walk down the stairs in her prom dress. I imagined sitting on the porch when I get old and yelling at the kids going by. When my husband and I bought this house, I thought it would be the house in which we would grow old.
I will admit that I am scared. I am scared of starting over again. I am afraid that the kids and I won’t fit in our new community. I am afraid that we will make this move, and my husband still won’t get an office position. I am afraid that he will get an office position and what it will actually be like having him home every night. My husband has been in the oil field for almost seven years. It’s been a strain on our marriage. I love him, but it is scary to think of how much this kind of life has changed us.
I am excited too. One of my best friends from college lives out where we are moving. Not only does she live out there, but she will be about a mile away. Several other of my close friends won’t be that far away. I have missed them all so much. We will be in the middle between my husband’s parents and mine. I will get to see my nieces and nephews more. I feel I have missed out on so many things with them. As for my friends here, my husband has been coming up with ideas so I still can spend time with them too.
I am very overwhelmed too. I feel emotional. I don’t even know where to start with packing and de-cluttering. How do you pack up the place you have made your home for the last 10 years?
This was not an easy decision. There have been a lot of tears. I know some of our friends are sad that we are really going away. It sucks in a lot of ways. I will miss this house. I hope that the people who buy it will love it as much as we have. And I hope that our next adventure as a family will be a good one!
Have you ever moved far from everything you know? How did you get through the transition? Please feel free to share in the comments below.


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