Penguin Make Your Own Stuffed Animal Birthday Party

Penguins are always a hit for winter birthday party themes, and since I have these really cute penguin kits, I thought this might be a good time to show how you can put together a fabulous penguin party for your child!
First off, make sure you purchase your Penguin Stuff a Plush Animal Kits early. I usually recommend ordering three weeks in advance just in case of warehouse backups or bad weather. Each kit comes with some type of carry-home bag which can be decorated with stickers, markers, and other decorations as part of a party activity.

Stuffable Penguin Kit by Bear Haven Boutique

Next, you want to find fun decorations. Catch My Party has some printable ones that they found on Etsy that are perfect for a Penguin Party!
Penguin Party Printable Decorations found on Catch My Party

One thing you might want to add as a centerpiece or decoration is a Hot Cocoa Bar (or an Iced Cocoa Bar if you want to do this as a Christmas in July type of summer birthday party). Yellow Bliss Road has some great chalkboard printables to go with this idea!
Hot Chocolate Bar with printables on Yellow Bliss Road

Now that you have some decoration ideas, let’s talk games! Pink and Green Mama came up with some great ideas for party games!
Homemade Penguin Bean toss game and other fun party games at Pink and Green Mama

For some other fun Penguin Themed game ideas, has a nice list as well including musical ice blocks, magnet fishing, igloo building, relay races, and more!
Once you have finished playing games, the kids will enjoy making their stuffed animals and decorating their bags. The best part is that it not only works as an activity, but it doubles as the party favor for the children to take home. These DIY stuffed animal kits are great party favors because they won’t end up in a landfill soon after the party ends.
Once you are done with your games, activities, and making penguins, you are going to be ready for food! Now if you used the hot chocolate bar idea, you will have some warm drinks. If you are feeding your guests lunch, you might want to consider cold weather favorites like grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup.
I hope these ideas have helped you come up with some fun things to do at your penguin party! Do you have any additional ideas for a penguin party? If so, feel free to comment below. Don’t forget to follow Bear Haven Mama on Facebook for more fun and ideas!


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