Please Explain…

Ok, I should be working on something else right now, but I have decided I need to take a time out to rant on the following: why is it that my children only sleep in when we have to go somewhere or I have insomnia?
It is almost 9:30 am, which of course means we will be getting a late start to homeschooling, and my children are still in dreamland. On the other hand, I have been up since about 5:45am because my mind would not turn itself off, and I decided sleep was a lost cause. This means I could be sleeping right now!!! However, we all know that if I had stayed in bed this morning, there is a 99.9% chance that both children would have dive-bombed my bed by 7:15. I just don’t get it!
I know you are probably thinking I shouldn’t be whining. You are probably saying to yourself, why is she sleeping that late anyways? The truth is that I am not a morning person first of all. However, most of it is because I seldom get to bed at a normal person’s sleep time because I end up doing a lot of my work in the evening after the kids go to bed. So when I get an opportunity to sleep late, I take it. Yeah, homeschool might take longer, but hey, as long as the work gets done, it doesn’t matter what time we start.
Well I should probably take advantage of the peace and quiet and get some work done. Maybe I will get lucky and the extra sleep will put them both in a good mood for the whole day! Ok, so that is probably just wishful thinking. Oh well.


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