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Hallmark is Making Cards Super Groovy!

If you are looking for a last minute gift, these will definitely impress your Valentine! Each card comes with a card that contains an LP single. At Christmas, I got one with an Itty Bitty in it! I did not think anything could top that...UNTIL today. I am hoping they make these for other occasions in the future because they are really unique, and I cannot wait to hand some out tomorrow to some of my favorite people!

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Coping with Holiday Stress and Chaos (plus a Review and Giveaway)

This post contains products I received to review. All opinions are my own. I am not a holiday person. However, the years I did the whole party planning and toy store schtick, I really had to be as holly jolly as I could. It is hard though and kinda stressful this time of year. People… Continue reading Coping with Holiday Stress and Chaos (plus a Review and Giveaway)

Product Reviews

Put Your Heart to Paper Review and Giveaway

This year, Hallmark is providing you the tools to show your Valentine how much you care! You can view their pre-made Valentines to find one that describes how you feel. You can also watch videos from experts to get some inspiration and even get some advice on how to write a love letter to your Valentine!