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Oh How I hate change sometimes;
Oilfield Family Life

Oh How I hate change sometimes

I will admit that I am scared. I am scared of starting over again. I am afraid that the kids and I won’t fit in our new community. I am afraid that we will make this move, and my husband still won’t get an office position. I am afraid that he will get an office position and what it will actually be like having him home every night. My husband has been in the oil field for almost seven years. It’s been a strain on our marriage. I love him, but it is scary to think of how much this kind of life has changed us.

Sometimes It's hard to be happy when you just want to cry;
Oilfield Family Life

Sometimes It's hard to be happy when you just want to cry

With this long stint, I have started to worry how it will affect my husband’s and my relationship, his relationship with the kids, and our family dynamic. It is hard to keep good dynamics when the kids are angry and hurt. Sometimes I feel angry and hurt too. It’s hard to talk it out because he hasn’t been home and because he hasn’t been able to call much the past few weeks either.