Taking your Kids to Comic Con: A Newbie Guide

The kids and I were on our own for the Easter holiday, so when I found out there was a convention the same weekend, I jumped at the opportunity to do something out of the ordinary and give the kids the best darned Easter ever. I should probably mention that my kids are 11, 8, and 0, and I managed to take them to a comic con by myself. We all survived and had a great time, even the baby. I know it probably sounds daunting to take little kids, or even babies, to a convention so I thought I would share some tips on how to make it easier. This way, everyone has fun!

My three monkeys ready for adventure!
My three monkeys ready for adventure!

One of the first things you should do is make sure the kids are well-fed, especially if there is a long drive involved and also because food there can get expensive. Pack snacks if you can. If you are bringing a baby, make sure you have a changing pad, extra clothes, and all that good stuff. I breastfeed my baby but also supplement with formula, so I made sure to bring a bottle of water and a small container of formula just in case. I also brought my travel Boppy pillow, which makes nursing in public so much easier. Also, for small children, you might want to bring a carrier in addition to a stroller in case your child gets tired of being in the stroller.
Second, bring cash. Most places will take credit cards, but some don’t. This way, you are not wasting time finding an ATM.
You should also try to pick a day that probably won’t be crowded. As much as I really wanted to meet George Takei, I knew that it would be chaotic and probably not a good idea for me and the baby, which was another reason we chose Easter Sunday instead of the day before. There were still lots of fun things to do, and it wasn’t crowded.
If your kids want to dress up, make sure that you have spare clothes for them. My kids kept their costumes on the whole time, but I could see that if we would have gone out to dinner afterwards, they may want to change to avoid food spills.
One of the highlights from the day was getting their picture taken with the only Easter Bunny with a sword!
One of the highlights from the day was getting their picture taken with the only Easter Bunny with a sword!

Finally, just have fun with it. Be a kid with your kids, and enjoy yourself. Keep in mind though that your kids may not make it a whole day, so don’t go into this with high expectations. My kids had a blast. They participated in the cosplay competition. They went through all the booths. We were asked by ladies from the WWE to have pictures taken with them. It was an awesome day, and we are looking forward to doing this again really soon!
I hope you find these tips helpful. Have you been to a comic con with your kids? If so, what other tips would you suggest?


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