The Little Things

We hosted a playdate the other day for our local playgroup and decided it would be fun to bring up the toy trains. My kids haven’t played with them as much since the trains moved down to the basement, and since they were having so much fun with them, I decided to keep them upstairs. My daughter was completely shocked that I would do such a thing since I tend to keep toys out of the living room. It really made me think a bit.
I haven’t wanted toys downstairs partly because I don’t want to trip on them, and partly because I had somehow got into this rut that the living room had to be more formal. I have no idea why I let myself get that way. I have kids. I want them to play with toys. The living room is big…so what is the big deal?
The kids are only going to be little for a little while longer. I am not a fancy schmancy type person, so I don’t need a fancy schmancy living room. However, I do want to be able to put things away when we are done playing with them, so I am working on storage solutions since the Geotrax trains have been sitting in a deck box. Oh well. It’s a work in progress, and I have happy kids. I made a rule that they have to pick everything up when they are done, so I am not tripping on anything at night after they go to bed. Not only that, it’s fun watching them play. I enjoy seeing them use their imaginations. I might miss all that if I keep all their toys hidden away, and they might too. Sometimes, we all just need to lighten up a bit.


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