Tired Mama

As you know from my post last week, I am pregnant again.  We are cautiously optimistic about this one, and while some of my friends and family already knew I was pregnant (plus I am starting to show a bit), I was a little nervous about announcing it to the world.
However, it is a lot of my explanation for why I haven’t been writing. I have just been so tired. I did have a nice influx of customers for my actual business the last two months as well, and that has taken up the bit of energy I have had. Actually, that part has been kinda cool actually, especially since it is winter time and a bad winter at that.
I have had a lot to say, but it has been hard to put it all into words. Right now, I am just tired. I am tired from being pregnant…tired from having a husband that is off on a long hitch…tired from having kids acting out because their world is changing and they are scared…tired of all this wretched snow and cold…tired from being cooped up in the house because of the ice…tired of being sick and having sick kids… Yeah, it’s like my brain has taken a vacation.
However, winter is soon to be over, and spring has to be around the corner…Seriously, it has to be soon because I am going to move to a warmer climate if it doesn’t come soon! I am hoping the warmer weather will be good for us all. At this point, I would just settle for having some energy again or possibly a brain because I seemed to have misplaced mine recently as in I had a conversation yesterday morning with my husband and five minutes afterwards, I couldn’t recall anything that was said.
How do you deal with being tired, especially if you have kids? Let me know in the comments below. I would love to hear strategies!


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