To all the moms of young explorers

I sometimes feel like I need an extra hour to get wherever we need to be. It is not intentional for me to be late. Heck, sometimes I have everyone ready to leave early. Then we head outside. Miss Crankles has to look at “Just one thing.” The next thing you know, we are 15 minutes late to where we need to be.
Then we get somewhere, and she insists that she has to walk. It would be so much easier if I carried her, or if her brother carried her, or if I wore her, or maybe put her in the stroller (and yes I am fully aware of the run on sentence here). However, I want to actually get into the building. I take her hand. We walk slowly to wherever we are going. She has to stop to examine the garbage on the ground. It is apparently some lost treasure. I don’t know. I just want her to hurry up. I just want to get where I need to be. I just want to walk faster than a snail.
It is then that I need to remember that this stage is so short. She will not be like this forever. The world is so new to her still. She just wants to explore. She wants to see this beauty that I take for granted. She wants to see “treasures” and imagine that they are something super cool instead of the milk cap I see.
She will have this limited amount of time to be a little kid. Then she will be a sassy tween like her sister or maybe an angsty teen like her brother. Then she will be an adult, and the world will not seem so bright and new as it seems to her now.
So for now, I will let her explore. I will take a deep breath and try to get us ready just a bit sooner so we can walk a bit slower and not rush. Maybe I should try looking at the world through her eyes and see things differently too. Oh…to be that innocent again. It really is a very short time.

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