We've been Waiting for You

My dearest Sweet Pea,
What a wild ride! Everyone kept saying you would come late, but I had a feeling you would come a few days early, and here you are. Maybe it was your big brother talking to you in my belly and offering to bribe you with a dollar if you would just come out. Maybe you just were getting a little cramped in that tiny space. Whatever the reason, I am so glad you are here.
It has been a bit of a bumpy first week. I thought I would be breastfeeding, but you don’t really want that. I have decided that I just want to enjoy having you, so I am pumping for now but am not going to stress anymore if you don’t latch. You have a bit of jaundice, and I will admit, it upset me that you have to use the UV blanket. I know how much you hate it.
While Daddy and I are very tired, we think you are perfect in every way and are so thankful that we finally have you in our arms. Your big brother and sister are so proud that you are their sibling, and while they are both struggling to adjust to all the changes, we are all working at adapting.
It has been a long journey to have you, but you have been worth the wait. We look forward to the next part of our journey with you to see you grow and to love you for eternity! Welcome to our family Sweet Pea!
baby hand


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