What is it with kids and poop?

After a nice relaxing time having coffee with friends, I come home to Crankles waking up from her nap. Her dad brings her down to me to nurse, and immediately I smell poop. My husband lacks a sense of smell, so he didn’t know. Then I realize she smells pretty fragrant with it, which is when I see her hands. They are brown. I want to vomit. Instead we get her cleaned up. It was in her hair and on her clothes. It was like she covered herself in poop perfume!
Her room smells like a bomb went off. A very stinky bomb. Everything is now in the wash. She is finally clean, but now the smell is stuck in my nostrils.
None of my other kids were like this as little ones. Bubby liked to try to take off his diaper but never did anything like this.
I am now trying to figure out how to get my diaper digger to stop. Honestly, I would love ideas. I think I would rather clean vomit than poop. I prefer neither. Kids are just gross…they are cute…but so freaking gross!

My glorious diaper digger…post dig



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