Winter Wonderland Party Part 3

By Stefanie Slater, Bear Haven Mama Contributor
When it comes to a Winter Wonderland Party we now know that the décor and the games are pretty easy to do. This is definitely a DIY party that can be done on a budget. In our last post, we did start exploring the options for food, and revealed our love for snicker doodle cookies. There are really so many endless possibilities when decorating those! After doing even more research though, I came across Elf cupcakes that posted on their site.

These cupcakes are very easy to make. You can also create them using your own flavors and icing preferences, but for a December party how can you not use candy canes and flaky white icing? I think it is a must!
Now depending if you are a DIY cake person or like to buy a cake, you can really design the cake to match the cookie ideas. When it comes to a birthday party, this is a time for a kid to have loads of fun! That is why I like pairing the cookies, cupcakes and cake! Hope your guests come hungry! It is December, the time to eat and be merry! Santa did not get his jolly round belly by eating carrots like his reindeer.
I think this cake made by is adorable! Since you did save money on decorating and the games, then you could splurge a bit on the cake. This cake is just perfect!

One final thought: don’t forget that we also carry stuffable plush animals that make great party favors as well as a fun activity for your party! Our 8″ Penguin is sure to be a huge crowd pleaser!


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