Conversations with Sissy Girl

So my son has been doing a day camp thing with church which has left me with some one on one time with Sissy Girl. It has been interesting to say the least since I don’t get as much one on one time with either of the kids. There are certain sides to her persona that I have gotten to see in the last two days that I don’t normally get to see. One of them is that under the cute sweet little exterior is one extremely inquisitive and creative child. Okay, so I know she is smart and creative, but the conversations over the past few days have left me saying, “Whoa, holy cow! You are only 4!”
My daughter already has plans to become a chef (in addition to her dancing) and open a restaurant outside of town. She not only has a name for it, but she also already knows the theme of it as well as the costumes and demeanor of her future employees. Honestly, if she remembers all of this by the time she is grown, I think she is going to be one successful cookie. I was just amazed about all the details she was telling me when normally you ask her something, and you are usually answered with a stammer or a giggle.
I don’t think I realized until this afternoon that she really misses my grandmother too. I don’t talk about it much with the kids, but I miss her too. She brought up the subject today as we were driving past some wildflowers. She commented about how Grandma would have liked them, and they should be for her. Then she said something that really got to me, especially coming from a four-year old. She said that she is worried that she is going to forget. I asked her what she was going to forget. She said she is afraid she will forget how Grandma looked, how she sounded, everything. It broke my heart a little to hear her say that. She is so little. I figured that after a year, she wouldn’t be missing her great-grandma and probably wouldn’t have much of a memory of her. I was so wrong! So I told her that I would call her Grandma (my mom) and ask her to have a special picture of Grandma made just for her. She was thrilled. I have pictures of my grandma, but most of them have me or someone else in them. I thought maybe if I had one with just Grandma in it, it would mean more to Sissy.
It’s not that I don’t spend time with my children, because I do, a lot. However, my children are so complex that I don’t get to see the full spectrum until I have that one on one time with them. I think sometimes as parents we don’t truly realize how important that one on one time is to them to, that they can share themselves with us in a different way because maybe right then, they are not afraid to truly be themselves.


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