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BalletX Partners with Dinos after Dark

While we no longer live in the Philly area, I still love to be able to share about some of the great field trip ideas as it is still a driveable distance for us, and I know that some of my readers live in the area, so I wanted to share about this really cool… Continue reading BalletX Partners with Dinos after Dark

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Making Breakfast fun with Fish Waffles Art!

Sometime ago, Miss Crankles told me she wanted me to make her fish waffles for breakfast. At first, I was afraid that she meant that she wanted me to make fish and waffles. I mean I suppose if you can have chicken and waffles...why not fish and waffles? Actually, don't do that. It just sounds… Continue reading Making Breakfast fun with Fish Waffles Art!

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Zits (EWWW!) Pop n’ Play Pimples Review

The Zits Pop n' Play Pimples come in packs like those pictured above and contain easy peel off stickers that you can put on your body. They have a variety of sizes, so you can have small ones and big ones. They are safe and non-toxic. It is sometimes a little tricky to pop, and sometimes when you do, you get that exploding effect (kinda like the real thing). I popped one of them on my daughter, and it got in my hair and all over my glasses. Yes, it was gross, but my girls and I were dying of laughter by the time we were done.

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Simple tips to help build and retain customers

When I began my children's party planning business over 10 years ago, it felt more like an adventure than anything else. Before that point, I had done a few MLMs, where there was someone above me guiding me to help me make sales and connect with customers. When I took the plunge to go out on my own, it was just me. Social Media was developing more, and things changed very quickly in the way that people marketed and grew their business. While I took a step back from the party planning business, I have been working on growing my brand as a blogger working with brands. I also help small businesses navigate social media and develop their own brands. It can be very rewarding, but it can also be very frustrating at times. I thought I would take a moment today to talk ways to gain and keep your customers that have worked for me.


Things You Should Do After a Personal Injury

The road to recovery after a personal injury, like a car accident, can be a long one. Having an advocate is so important. Make sure you do your research and pick an attorney who will work for you. With all the issues you may face after an injury, this is one of the most important things you can do for yourself.


Who’s feeling lucky? Then check out this giveaway!

Guess what? I needed some incentive to get going with giveaways since I have not done one in a while, so I am hosting one with a bunch of fabulous bloggers to give 4 lucky people the chance to win $500 each for a total of $2000!!! What would you do with $500 extra dollars?… Continue reading Who’s feeling lucky? Then check out this giveaway!

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Hallmark is Making Cards Super Groovy!

If you are looking for a last minute gift, these will definitely impress your Valentine! Each card comes with a card that contains an LP single. At Christmas, I got one with an Itty Bitty in it! I did not think anything could top that...UNTIL today. I am hoping they make these for other occasions in the future because they are really unique, and I cannot wait to hand some out tomorrow to some of my favorite people!