Sneak Peek at the March Target Beauty Box

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I have recently become addicted to beauty boxes. My favorite is Target’s beauty box, and so I thought I would show you what was inside my box for this month. The box I got was $7.00, which is not bad, considering you get a good amount of stuff, plus you get a $3.00 off coupon to use at Target. (Let’s face it, you are gonna be there anyways, so you may as well take some coupons when you can get them!)

PicMonkey Image

Before I begin, I just want to say that you have not been to the beauty and makeup section at your Target in a while, you are totally missing out. Ok, so if yours is not as awesome as mine, I apologize in advance. Seriously though, mine is like a mini beauty store. I can and will spend what seems like an eternity there. If you have to do it, stop at the Starbucks first and bribe your kids with mini-scones. They are 3 for 3. If your Target Starbucks does not have them, you should really speak to someone because they are really awesome. (Yes, I did just admit that I bribe my children with scones. No, I do not feel bad about this. I probably should, but let’s face it, I need my time in Target. I will not get this time if all they want to do is look at video games or toys. It is a small price to pay really.)


Ok, so this box is a spring break theme. The product sizes are all trial or regular…as in I got a regular size lip gloss. However, the trial size is not skimpy. You could use them for vacation, or you could use them for a good trial to see if you like them. Also, they are not total crap products either. I have yet to get a box where I did not try everything at least once. Also, my 10-year old daughter tries to run off with my goodies too. Hands off Sissy Girl! Buy your own box!


In this box, I received a trial size of Soapbox’s Bamboo Shampoo and Conditioner, Jergens Natural Glow Wet Skin Moisturizer, Skin Fix Foaming Oil Cleanser, Dove Dry Shampoo, Neutrogena Hydro Boost Lip Shine, and Missha Time Revolution Wrinkle Repair (which my 10-year old says I do not need to use. I feel she is buttering me up for something.)

I am really excited most to try the Skin Fix cleanser as I love their products. I got a lotion in a previous box and have been using it as my purse lotion all winter. LOVE IT! I am going to use all this stuff! I just am. I love doing this box because the products are always something of interest, and it gives me a chance to see if I will like something before I plunge into a full-size commitment.

If you are looking at trying a beauty box and haven’t, this is a great starter. I know that my links for this may sometimes say “unavailable,” but you can always check back. It took me a few months to be able to start getting these. However, it is worth the wait.

I hope this has been helpful. I think I am gonna go now and play with my new goodies! Do you do beauty boxes? If so, which one is your favorite?



Why do all my kid’s Barbies live in a nudist colony?

Recently, Crankles has become obsessed with all things Barbie! Granted, some of this stems from Sissy having a large collection of them and Crankles wanting to be like Sissy. The large reason is because she recently began torturing us with Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse. (Yes, I realize my first paragraph has probably caused some sanctimommies to spontaneously combust because I let my kids play Barbies and also because I admit that my kid watches too much of an animated show. It’s okay, let’s move on, shall we?)

As I was saying, Crankles likes Barbies. Actually, let me back up and say that she just likes playing dolls. She also likes to undress them. She has quite the imagination, and all the dolls go on grand adventures…naked. What is it with all the nude dolls?


Photo by Erika Wittlieb (pixabay)

My older two did the same thing. In fact, I still find clothes belonging to dolls that my son has long since put away. I just don’t get it. I don’t remember my dolls ever belonging to a nudist colony. Actually, my Barbies were all pretty bad-ass warriors with elaborate plot lines. I kinda struggled playing Barbies with my friends, mainly because they could not follow my story lines. However, that is a story for another time.

It is not that she cares about their bits and pieces or anything like that. She just hates for them to wear clothes. I find myself searching for their outfits at night because my office is in our homeschool/toy room, and the first thing I see when I come into the room is a bin full of Barbie bums.

Still, it is kinda cool that she has elaborate story-lines for her dolls, and she is not even three. Her latest is that they like to perform magic shows. Maybe I should focus on that instead of the sea of naked dolls that has once again invaded my home.

So…how many of you have kids that do this too? How many of you dress the dolls at night when the kids are asleep? What kinds of weird things do your kids do? Please feel free to share in the comments below!


Letting my kid be a kid

I know it won’t be long before my ten-year old doesn’t want to play dress up or play with her toys. However, she re-discovered her favorite costume the other day, and I loved seeing her parade around the house in it. It is important to not make our kids grow up so fast. This time is so short. Please remember that play time and pretend time help your kids grow. They need this time to be creative. I know that, as parents, we are often caught in this rat race of trying to make our kid the best and the brightest. We put our kids in so many activities and exhaust their minds. However, sometimes, we need to take a step back from the rat race. We need to forget what society says. We need to let our kids pretend and play. We need to let them be creative. There is time for tests and studies, but creativity helps our kids become well-rounded human beings.

I love this time for my children. I know it is so short. I already have one that has pretty much put all his toys away. However, I am not eager to push for my kids to grow up. I want them to explore and play. It is such a small time!


My little Harley Quinn


The Importance of One on One time

Tomorrow (weather permitting), my big kids have theater practice for pretty much the whole day. This gives me and Crankles the perfect opportunity for Mommy and Kid Date! I do this with all my kids. I find some time and take them out for lunch or a movie. Sometimes we go shopping or go to the park. The important thing is that we are doing it together and without the others.

Crankles gets a lot of my time as she is little, but she does not get the one on one time with me unless we do things like this. She is little, and she is not much of a people person. She also hates shopping and being in public. Starbucks is our special place. We get a treat, and I sit and talk to her. I do not get out my phone, unless she wants me to take her picture. (If you do not believe me that she likes to have her picture taken, please see yesterday’s post.) She looks forward to it, and I love seeing her face light up when she sees scones! (If they do not have scones, cake pops and cookies are acceptable to her, but not banana bread.)

kid date

For Sissy, we go window shopping. Sometimes we do movies together, like when Neverending Story hit the big screen last fall. With Bubby, he and I get to do some cooler things now that he is older. Last fall for one of our dates, we went to one of those haunted forest places. I think this summer, we will probably do paintball. Most of the time, we go to a diner. The important thing is to find something you can do together and have fun with it.

My kids look forward to these times, and I do too. These are the times where the kids open up more about their feelings and what is going on in their lives. Crankles does not do this so much yet, but she is little. It helps you continually bond with your kids and let them know they are special even when sometimes it does not seem like it when a million things are happening at home. As our kids get older, it is our chance to connect or re-connect, to be completely focused on them.

I know life gets busy, and sometimes it is hard to fit everything into it. However, this is one thing that if you can fit just one a month with each kid, you will be glad you did.

What do you like to do with your kids for one on one time? Please feel free to let me know in the comments below.



Strike a pose

Toddlers crack me up! The other week, my husband got some new photography backdrops and was testing them out. Miss Crankles decided she needed to strike a pose!


By the way, you should all ignore the fact that she is wearing her pajamas backwards because the kid is a known diaper digger. Just focus on the cuteness, like this!


I honestly have no idea where she comes up with this stuff. Do I really make that face when I take pictures? Gosh, I hope not!

What kinds of crazy stuff have your kids been up to lately? As always, I would love to hear them in the comments below!


Easy Three Ingredient Dump Cake

I feel rushed most days and do not bake as much as I would like. That is why most of my recipes take very little time to prepare, like this one. We actually did this as a homeschool activity today, and this is something you can do in about an hour…from start to finish!



1 Stick of Melted Butter (1/2 cup)

1 Yellow or White Cake Mix

1 can (15-20 oz) Fruit with Juice (we chose crushed Pineapple)


First, pre-heat your oven to 350 degrees. Then take a 9×13 cake pan and grease the bottom of the pan. Next, take your can of fruit with juice and spread it along the pan. If you use peaches or some other fruits, you may need to dice the pieces. After you spread the fruit, spread the dry cake mix evenly over the fruit and juice. Finally, melt your butter and pour it over the top as evenly as you can. We used salted butter because that was what I had on hand. However, you may want unsalted, depending on your tastes.

Bake at 350 degrees for about 50 minutes. Serve warm, preferably with ice cream!


crumbly and delicious!

This should serve 8. If your family is like mine, there will be no leftovers so grab your piece while you can! I hope you enjoy this recipe, and as always, feedback is encouraged!




When Mama Needs to Re-Fuel

Right now, I feel I am running on fumes. I have things to do. I have things I WANT to do, and I feel I am sitting in a parked car that has run out of gas.

This year, I have really tried to get my shit together. I write things on my calendar. I then put the same things in my smartphone calendar. I have a schedule for the kids for homeschool. I have a sign in/sign out sheet for them for their independent work. I have a set time when I would like to work because I run two blogs, and I have so much I want to say and do with them both. However, life keeps getting in the way.


photo by PublicDomainPictures

The kids seem to bring every single germ home with them. I haven’t had the kids this sick since pre-school. In fact, I thought this was one of the perks to homeschool. However, we have had EVERYTHING come through this house. I kept getting sinus/respiratory illnesses all fall. I have been doing better with that since I started taking all my allergy meds again. However, I have also been having TBI issues lately too, and it is really stressing me out. TBI stands for Traumatic Brain Injury for those who are not familiar with the term.

For me, right now, I have a couple good days and then a couple bad ones. I am getting new doctors in order, which is stressful in itself because I want to make sure I am the right ones. I had a bad experience with a neurologist after my relapse, and I want to find someone who can help and not just throw meds at me.

My family is still trying to re-adjust to my husband going back to being an oilfield geologist again. He is home more with this company, but when he is, there is always so much to do.

I find myself saying no more these days, which I hate to do. However, when we are running on fumes, we really should be taking better care of ourselves instead of adding more to our plates. I hate being reminded of that. I just feel so overwhelmed some days, and I don’t know how to re-fuel right now.

For the moment, a lot of the things I really want to do are taking a backseat so I can focus on the kids, my health, and the adjustments to our family dynamic. I keep trying to remind myself that it is only temporary. However, with the issues I have had since my TBI relapse a year and a half ago, I feel sick of telling myself that. I am trying to focus on healthy diet and sleeping more. I am hoping it will help me get more energy and have more good days.

However, some days, like today, I am really feeling the burn out. My youngest awoke early this morning with a fever and has been clingy all day. My older two have decided that chores are for chumps and have not been doing them most of the week, and well at some point tonight, Mama lost her shit. My husband called to find me bawling into the phone. It was not pretty, but it is what happened. It is what happens when we are running on empty. It is what happens when we are stressed and need a reprieve. It is real life. As a mom, you will find that you need to find ways to make time for yourself and that you will get frustrated with your kids. You will lose your shit and probably on a regular basis. Then you need to find a way to re-fuel. Better yet, it is best if you find a way to get back on track before you lose your shit. However, that does not always happen.

For me, writing is my best outlet. I actually feel better now that I have been writing this. Also, I will be taking a nice warm bath before bed tonight. I will most likely take it easy and try to clear most things from my calendar tomorrow that are not critical so that I can breathe easy once more.

None of us are perfect, and we all end up running on empty or losing our shit now and then. However, it is imperative to find ways to get back on track, to make us happy, to find balance, to move forward. Motherhood is not easy, and we are all doing the best we can. If you find yourself running on empty, having a bad day, or losing it, just know you are only human. What are ways you try to fill your tank again when you are running low?