Welcome to Misfit Mama Bear Haven! I created this blog originally to promote party ideas I had. However, over the last several years, it has grown into a space where I have openly shared the joys and hardships of parenting, life, and homeschooling with all who come here.

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Me, the Mister, and the Kidlets! Photo by Victor Devilbliss. MUAH BY Making Faces Professional Makeup

My family has had some unique experiences over the last several years, such as hosting exchange students and my husband’s job as a geologist in the oilfield. We have also experienced loss and the joy of adding to our family. Our homeschooling adventure has been full of its ups and downs too. Our life is sometimes messy, chaotic, and imperfect, and that is why I feel it is important to share it because LIFE IS messy, chaotic, and imperfect. Parenting is not always easy, and I want others to know that they are not alone in their journeys! I invite you to read, laugh, cry, and come along for the ride along with me, the mister, the kidlets, and also the others that contribute to this blog along the way!