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Arggh Mateys, A Pirate Party!

I don’t know about you, but I am extremely excited about the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie and not just because Johnny Depp is in it. (Although it doesn’t hurt.) So in honor of the new movie, I thought I would post some ideas on how to have a pirate party.
Pirate parties are actually one of my favorite kinds of parties to put on for kids. I have been known to actually dress up for these when I do them. Whatever you do, just have fun with it, and you will be the hostess (or host) with the mostest in your children’s friends book.
Pirate Party Invitations:
There are a couple of ways you can do the invitations yourself without spending much of anything
1. Message in a bottle: Save some 16-20 oz soda bottles. Make sure you clean them out and take the wrapping off them. You may need a little Goo Gone to get the sticky stuff from them, but it is worth it. Then print an invitation like the one here. Roll each one up and put them in the bottles individually.
2. Or if you want to be a little more creative, make your own by making treasure maps and send them to your guests.
Pirate Party Decorations:
Red and Black Streamers and Balloons. If you have a pirate flag, use it to cover the door. Make signs to put up that say things like: “Beware There be Pirates” and “Enter if you Dare.” Also if you put a sign over your bathroom that says “Poop Deck,” kids seem to think it is funny. If you can find a fish net or even use your child’s toy nets, take them and fill them with plastic fish. Plastic or stuffed parrots are a plus as well.
As for the table, sprinkle “gold” coins about the table and use a pirate for the centerpiece.

Pirate Party Activities and Games:
You could always purchase the Decorate your own Treasure Chest by Melissa and Doug which would also double as a great favor!

Part of our costume party kit

For another great activity that doubles as a party favor, you can always get a bulk stuffable animal kit from Bear Haven Boutique and add Pirate costumes for the stuffed animals!
Make your own Stuffable Animal Pirate Party!

You could also try some of the following games and activities:
Musical Island Hop: This is like musical chairs only you use colorful pillows or cardboard cutouts for the islands.
Captain Sez: It is like Simon Says, only more Pirate-y.
Treasure Hunt: Take some coins, plastic gems, prizes, or some other fun goodies and hide them in the sandbox. Have the children use sand toys like the rakes and shovels to find the prizes.
Pass the Parrot: Use a stuffed parrot and play like Hot Potato.
And of course, my personal favorite, The Scavenger Hunt: For this, you need to give them a clue. They will use that clue to get to the next clue, and so forth and so on. At the last clue will be the treasure. You can use a bag or a treasure box, fill it with candy or other goodies for the kids. I have done this one at all of my pirate parties, and the kids have loved this one the best.
Pirate Party Refreshments:
Root Beer Floats in Frosty Mugs. It beats Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of Rum!
Pirate Boats: Take celery and cut into 3 inch pieces. Fill with Peanut Butter. Put a pretzel stick in the middle and use paper for the sail.
Fruit on a Sword: Use the little plastic sword toothpicks. Cut fruit into bite-sized pieces or use melon cubes. Spear each piece and arrange on a platter.
Cake: You could do a treasure chest cake–use two sheet cakes, ice them brown and fill the middle with goodies to look like a treasure chest.
Alternative to cake: decorate your own cupcakes. If you don’t want to buy a cake and have no artistic abilities in cake making, like myself, this is always a great idea. You take plain cupcakes and let the kids decorate them using Cool Whip, sprinkles, candy, raisins, or whatever you like. Always a hit!
Soft Pretzels and dip: For one party, I took a foam party hat from the craft store, used it as a centerpiece and filled the brim with soft pretzel bites from the Philly Pretzel Factory. We actually did this as an alternative to cake. The kids loved dipping the pretzels, and it was a big hit.
Pirate Party Favors:
If you went with one of my activity/ favor suggestions from Bear Haven Boutique, you already have a party favor. You can also buy cloth bags with a cinch opening and fill them with candy gold coins, eye patches, and other goodies.
If you are looking to do a pirate party, I hope this helps. If you have done a pirate party, I would love to hear your ideas!


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