I think it is going to be a long summer

Summer is not even here yet, but I think it is going to be a long one. My children are currently in their rooms because of incidents relating to their friends. Due to the little problem we had not too long ago (see post), my husband and I have gotten a little stricter in our rules about all the neighborhood children playing at our house. Basically, I don’t want my flower beds, garden, property, or car ruined. So we told everyone the rules, including our children, and then we told our children that if they see their friends doing something in our yard they are not supposed to do, they need to tell us. So after having to go over the rules yet again and then having everyone disobey them, get into my flower bed and other things, the children were told to come inside and that playtime with their friends is over today.
I know it might sound harsh, and frankly I don’t like having to be the mean lady on the street, but for crying out loud, enough is enough. When I was a kid, my butt would have been handed to me by my mother if I let that kind of stuff happen at my house, and then my friends would have gotten into serious trouble with their parents. As it is now, we are going to be putting up a new fence in our side yard to keep children from jumping in the flower bed. It kinda stinks.
I don’t want to be the mean lady down the street. I love kids! However, I also don’t want to be the lady down the street who spent five years working on landscaping her yard, herself, only to have all of the neighborhood children tear it to shreds. Does anyone have any ideas? I would love to hear them!

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