Princess Party Fun Part 1

This week, we will be showing you how to have a fun Princess Party! Don’t forget to check out Bear Haven Boutique for some great Princess Party Kits!
Today, we will be covering Princess Party Games! Here are some fun games and activities that work for most ages:
1. Find the Glass Slipper: Using different shoes, you hide them all over the place. The guests must find the shoes and bring them to Cinderella (The Birthday Child or Guest of honor). Whoever finds the shoe that fits Cinderella is the winner.

2. Hot Slipper: It is just like Hot Potato, but you use a slipper instead.
3. Princess Dress-up Fashion Show: If your guests did not come already dressed up (or even if they did), you can play this game by using costume wear and old dress up clothes. Give the ladies a time limit to put their princess look together and then have them walk the runway. You can have a panel of judges (such as other parents) judge the show.
4. Kiss the Frog: It is just like Pin the Tail on the Donkey, only you use a Frog instead, like the one below:

Then you cut out kisses like the one below and put tape on the back. Play the game just like you would play Pin the Tail on the Donkey.
lips for pin the kiss
5. Gem Hunt: Fill a shallow plastic tub or shoe box with sand and add some plastic gems (can be found at most craft stores). Let each guest sift through the sand and find some gems.
6. Princess Crown Craft: If your princesses need tiaras, Nick Jr. has an easy and cute Princess Tiara template. All you need is some cardstock, stapler(or use glue or tape), and some glitter. Click here for the template!
7. Princess Crafts:  Bear Haven Boutique has some cute Princess Crafts from Melissa and Doug!
8. Stuffable Unicorn or other Stuffable Animal activity: For this one, I love the unicorns, but there are other choices as well. You can order them by piece or by a kit, and there are easy instructions as well! Plus, they makes great party favors as well!

So there are some ideas to get you started. Have you tried a princess party before? If so, what other games or activities do you suggest?


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