Train Party

By Stefanie Slater, Bear Haven Mama Contributor

Train Party Kit
Train Party Kit

My son’s number one thing he wanted for Christmas was train tracks. There were other items on his list, but he kept saying over and over he needed more train tracks. When he says train tracks of course he means the trains as well. He has a train table in the basement that flips into a Lego table as well. Being that those are two hobbies he really enjoys, we thought that table would suit him. However, lately he has been seeing larger train tables and has been staring at them in awe.
Even though his birthday is in March, I already think I may have an idea of what type of party to throw for him. Unless his interests change within a few months, I’m loving the idea of a train party! Now, this could end up being a party on a budget or a very expensive party.
There are always train rides you can rent out to have a birthday party. Depending on how many kids and other adults you are inviting, than this may be doable. On the other hand, you could ask all of the kids who are invited to dress as a train conductor! Then find a train Engineer Party with crafts like Bear Haven Boutique has in stock. Sometimes it is a lot more fun for you to find kits like this that can create the ultimate party for your son or daughter and friends.


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