Kre-O Dungeons and Dragons building sets

A few weeks ago, my son got the new Kre-O Dungeons and Dragons sets in his Easter Basket.  Sadly, our Easter Bunny does not believe in candy, but that is another story for another day.

Anyway, we now have in our possession the Fortress Tower and the Fortress Defense sets, as well as a few figurine packs. If you play Dungeons and Dragons and want to indoctrinate your kids slowly to the game, this is a great start!


All set up with working catapults.

Basically, you can build the sets. Each set and figure pack comes with cards for game play. The buildings and figures do come apart fairly easily, and the sets my son received came with some fun catapults that really work.

game cards

Game cards.

To play the game part of these sets, you have two types of card: red cards and blue cards for red team and blue team. Each card has a number on it, and the number indicates how many shots you can take at your opponent. You take turns until the last KREON figure is standing, and if that one is your color, you win!

Of course, my children don’t play that way. They have watched my husband and I play Dungeons and Dragons long enough with our friends that they make up elaborate storylines instead, which I love. The possibilities for these sets are endless.

You can find Kre-O Dungeons and Dragons at major toy retailers and online. They are fairly new, so they are still coming out with new sets!

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