Easy to Make Reindeer Food DIY

I was experimenting in the kitchen with reindeer food for tonight, and I came up with something that will take two minutes and be lotsa fun!


1 C Oats

Red and Green Decorating Sugar or glitter (note: decorating sugar is not as messy and will not leave your sidewalks looking like a bomb went off…just sayin’)

reindeerfood1Pour the oats (used Quaker Oats for this batch) into a bowl. Add the red and green sugar into the bowl until you can see some of the sparkles. That’s it. Let the kids sprinkle it outside Christmas Eve!


Hope you enjoy making this for your kids! Be sure to join me on Facebook for giveaways, tips, and fun discussions!



Wine rack Re-purpose

As much as I love a glass of wine now and then, I don’t usually have the opportunity to use my wine rack for the purpose of entertaining as much as I would like. We also have been needing a bit more counter space, so I thought it might be fun to use it for my morning coffee. It also made a nice display for my mommy friends when we had our holiday party this past weekend.

Here it is:

coffee bar

coffee bar2

The nice thing about this particular wine rack is that I can still store my wine bottles for a grown up evening. I also have enough room for coffee mugs as well. I can now have my coffee maker, latte maker, syrups, teas, cocoas, and everything all in one place. If you would like to have a coffee bar, you could also use a simple buffet table or re-purpose an old dresser.

So what kinds of DIY projects are you working on this week?


How to make an inexpensive doll clothes closet!

Sophia’s 18 Inch Doll clothing available at Bear Haven Boutique

Does your daughter have an American Girl Doll (or similar 18 inch doll) or possibly Barbie Dolls or Stuff a Plush with lots of clothes and accessories, but you have no way of keeping it organized? Well I am here to help! I am going to guide you in creating a doll closet for storing all her doll or bear clothes, shoes, and accessories. And it uses somethings you may already have or can get pretty cheap!

First, you want to find a two shelf bookshelf.  You can find them for less than $20 usually in stores. For aesthetics, you want one with a back on it, and if you want it to match your daughter’s room or playroom, you can either find one in a matching color or paint it. Your choice. So assemble the bookshelf and make your lower shelf be about 6 inches high. You want to make sure that your clothes will be able to hang nicely. Then you will need a tension rod. place it about 2 inches from the top and VOILA! You have a closet for all your dolly clothes! You can use the lower bottom section of the closet for shoes and other accessories and the top to hang the clothes. It is simple. It keeps things organized, and if you have to buy the materials, it should only run you about $25.

I have done a similar set up for doll and bear clothing, but don’t have it currently set up. My daughter has a big closet in her new room, so I have it organized in there. However, this worked really well before that. Hope it works for you too!