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The frustrations of Testing

My daughter puts entirely too much pressure on herself and does not like the testing environment. She cried that she did not want to go to school today because she did not want to take the PSSAs. If this continues during the rest of this week and the upcoming weeks of Math and Science PSSAs, I will definitely have to opt her out of PSSAs for next year.


Why do all my kid’s Barbies live in a nudist colony?

Recently, Crankles has become obsessed with all things Barbie! Granted, some of this stems from Sissy having a large collection of them and Crankles wanting to be like Sissy. The large reason is because she recently began torturing us with Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse. (Yes, I realize my first paragraph has probably caused some… Continue reading Why do all my kid’s Barbies live in a nudist colony?


The Importance of One on One time

My kids look forward to these times, and I do too. These are the times where the kids open up more about their feelings and what is going on in their lives. Crankles does not do this so much yet, but she is little. It helps you continually bond with your kids and let them know they are special even when sometimes it does not seem like it when a million things are happening at home. As our kids get older, it is our chance to connect or re-connect, to be completely focused on them.

Kids, Parenting

When you live with a toddler…

...It is kinda like living with a pint-sized dictator. They make no sense. Their word is law. It is subject to change, and if you do not tow the line, you will be punished (usually with thrown food or flailing on the ground while screeching in a high-pitched noise). Let's take a look at all… Continue reading When you live with a toddler…


When you feel like your child is being overlooked

By Delia, contributing writer (Delia's story starts before Christmas break last year. She will be sharing more about her story and outcome in the next several weeks. Enjoy) I graduated from college more than fifteen years ago. During my years spent receiving my degree in special education, the paper that I learned the most from… Continue reading When you feel like your child is being overlooked


To all the moms of young explorers

It is then that I need to remember that this stage is so short. She will not be like this forever. The world is so new to her still. She just wants to explore. She wants to see this beauty that I take for granted. She wants to see "treasures" and imagine that they are something super cool instead of the milk cap I see.

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Toddler Logic

(Figured it is also time to bring back Wordful Wednesday...Besides, I take way too many pictures to keep them to myself.) Why yes, this is a My Little Pony eating a bowl of Cheerios. Why is her head buried in the bowl? Well apparently, Miss Crankles (the Toddler formerly known as Sweet Pea) decided that… Continue reading Toddler Logic