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Making Breakfast fun with Fish Waffles Art!

Sometime ago, Miss Crankles told me she wanted me to make her fish waffles for breakfast. At first, I was afraid that she meant that she wanted me to make fish and waffles. I mean I suppose if you can have chicken and waffles...why not fish and waffles? Actually, don't do that. It just sounds… Continue reading Making Breakfast fun with Fish Waffles Art!


Maple Pumpkin Ice Cream

I admit that I am not the biggest fan of pumpkin spice everything, but I do love pumpkin ice cream. However, dairy does not always settle well with my son, so I thought I would try to come up with something dairy-free.   After a bit of experimenting, I came up with this. It is… Continue reading Maple Pumpkin Ice Cream


Almond Coconut Bark

If you love chocolate AND coconut, you seriously need to try this ridiculously easy recipe for candy bark. All you need is three ingredients and a double boiler. Ingredients: 2 bags of milk chocolate chips 1 cup of almond slices 1 to 1  1/2 cups coconut   Line a baking sheet with wax paper. Melt… Continue reading Almond Coconut Bark


Princess Leia Waffles

Today is May the 4th, Star Wars Day! To celebrate, I made the kids a breakfast fit for a rebel! This year's theme: Princess Leia Waffles! These are easy to make and fun to eat! All you need is: Waffles Jif Hazelnut Spread or Nutella Samoas or you could substitute with Fudge Rounds, Thin Mints,… Continue reading Princess Leia Waffles