Winter Wonderland Party, part 1

by Stefanie Slater for Bear Haven Mama’s Tales

December birthday? Are you throwing a birthday bash for your little one and always nervous because you really would like to throw a fabulous party that will stand out for your child? Well during the month of December we usually do expect the snow to start falling. Whether it is a fine snow that falls to the ground slowly or the large fluffy snowflakes that you can grab as they fall…..every little one loves snow! Bring the snow indoors and make it a Winter Wonderland!
Let’s start with the decorations. This is a party that you could really do on a budget. You can visit your local crafts store and really go to town with all of the felt and paper that has sparkles and glitter on it. The holidays bring beautiful products to the stores that sparkle. First craft for your Winter Wonderland party, start creating snowflakes. There are always free patterns online. Marcel’s Kids Crafts has a pattern that is great to use. You can choose the paper or other type of material to create your snowflakes. I really love the white products that you can find with a silver glow to it. To make it even more special you can change-up the snowflake designs.
What does a child like to do in the snow? They love to make snow angels! Go out and buy the fake snow in bulk and set up an area in your home to lay a ton of it. The kids could really have a fun time just playing in the snow. Your snow decorations can also lead into a lot of fun games.  You could hide a few things in the snow and the child who finds the most wins a prize!
On the other hand, if you are in an area that already has snow…..well then let the kids play outside! When you create the invitation just say R.S.V.P. and don’t forget your mittens! Either way, if the party is inside or outside, the kids can enjoy themselves with playing in the real or the fake snow.



  1. makinglemonadeblog
    December 15, 2011 at 1:29 am

    Fun ideas. I love those snowflake photos; when I was a school librarian I would read Snowflake Bentley to my kids and we’d use real snowflake photos as part of our activity. I just had a flashback to those days! Seeing this makes me wish I was teaching again so I could have a winter wonderland for my kiddos.

    • bearhaven
      December 15, 2011 at 3:18 am

      I love them too! I thought about making some with my kiddos since Winter Wonderland was the theme for our house this year. It was just on the Holly Rose Trail which was kinda like a parade of homes.

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