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So much for new beginnings

In June, I ended up being life-flighted to the hospital with symptoms of a stroke. As it turned out, I did not have a stroke, thank goodness. However, I had a major setback in dealing with issues from a traumatic brain injury from years ago that involved being struck by a vehicle while I was crossing the street. All the progress I have made over the years and all the things from my TBI that I have tried to hide and pretend that it was nothing has all come back to haunt me in a bad way.

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Getting back to a bath and bedtime ritual with Baby Mantra and a Giveaway

That is where creating a new bath and bedtime regime have come into play. The last few months leading up to our move have been downright chaotic. Sweetpea used to have a regular bedtime, and while we didn’t have a strict ritual, it has been in my mind to create one because my other kids thrived on routine when they were little. I wanted to incorporate things she would enjoy while creating a relaxing atmosphere to help her prepare for sleep.


4th of July Giveaway Hop!

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How Sweet Is This?

The other day I was in a lousy mood, so my oldest daughter made me a note on the chalkboard to cheer me up! I know things aren’t spelled correctly, but I thought it was so sweet that she wanted to make me smile! What sweet things have […]

Oh How I hate change sometimes

I will admit that I am scared. I am scared of starting over again. I am afraid that the kids and I won’t fit in our new community. I am afraid that we will make this move, and my husband still won’t get an office position. I am afraid that he will get an office position and what it will actually be like having him home every night. My husband has been in the oil field for almost seven years. It’s been a strain on our marriage. I love him, but it is scary to think of how much this kind of life has changed us.


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