Sweet Sissy in a Hat

I couldn’t help but snap this picture the other day of Sissy. I love her fashion sense. She doesn’t care what anyone thinks of how she dresses. She doesn’t pay attention to what is “in” for kids’ fashion. She wears what she wants. The other day she found […]


Cherishing those little moments

Sometimes I forgot how fast the time flies, but it really does. I don’t want to get old and realize I missed these precious moments. Instead, I am going to sit and cuddle with my sweet girl for a while and try to remember why I was mad at her today, which she has effectively made me forget.


The Little Garden that Could

Sometimes life is not about what makes us happy and what we are good at. Sometimes it’s about what makes others happy. It is how love grows. When I see our garden, I see love. I see the kids’ love of growing something, and I see my love for them to help them do it even though it is not my thing.


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