The Little Garden that Could

Sometimes life is not about what makes us happy and what we are good at. Sometimes it’s about what makes others happy. It is how love grows. When I see our garden, I see love. I see the kids’ love of growing something, and I see my love for them to help them do it even though it is not my thing.

baby eyesedit

Baby Eyes

I just love this photo. I don’t know why. She was studying something in her stroller while we were at the park, and I snapped a picture. I love her curiosity. I love how she takes the world in. I look forward to showing her all sorts of new things and introducing her to the world around us!

Sweet Pea loves playing blocks with Daddy!

Playing with Sweet Pea

My husband got to come home for an overnight last night. Sweet Pea has not been sleeping well since he left, so imagine the surprise on her face when Daddy came to get her in the morning! He has been playing with her most of the morning, and […]


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