Blogging: A Newbie's Perspective

Ok, so this is kind of a part two as I wrote last week about Twitter. I have done this blog for two months now, and I thought I would share what I have learned.
First of all, this was not my first experience with blogging. I tried blogging just for my business last spring and didn’t do too well at keeping up with it. I also had a blog for my other online business that I just closed this past month which is another story for another day. Suffice it to say, my heart just was not into it. So that brings me to the blog you are currently reading. I started it back in March to give my store a voice. I thought I would do something like product reviews and party tips which I do have some in here somewhere. However, I quickly realized that I wanted it to be more than just a voice for my store. I wanted it to be a voice for me and for others who might be in a similar situation in different aspects of my life. I think I made the right decision in that because I am actually writing more frequently than I did in the last two blogs that I tried. I also am learning a few things along the way.
One of the first things I learned is that sometimes you have to look at the comments people write. With my last blog, I noticed I was getting tons of comments, but none of them seemed relevant to the post. So I looked at the websites affiliated with the commenters and quickly realized it was all spam. So far, I have had very few of those comments on this one. I moderate the comments and delete them immediately. (Incidently, I learned to include my blog web address in the website section instead of my actual website. Just a tip.)
I also have been reading more blogs. It helps because it gives me a confidence boost to write what is on my mind. It may be a little dry at times, but I am still learning and trying.
I would like to say that if you have not started a blog and are thinking of doing so, it isn’t that hard. I will say, however, you may want to think about what kinds of things you want to say. I say this because I am trying to keep mine family friendly partly because of my business and partly because I don’t want to feel embarrassed if one of my nieces or nephews would read what I am saying. I am not saying you should do the same, just keep in mind who you want as your audience.
I hope this has been helpful. If you have any advice, I would love to hear it!



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