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My Ehrlich Guy Rocks!

If you know me well, you would know that I am terrified of mice. I cannot stand them. Last fall, we had one come into our house because the kids kept leaving the door open. The girls and I caught it, but then I called Ehrlich right away. My husband wasn’t so happy about me paying for the monthly maintenance plan, but I figured that since he was away a lot, it was for the best.
So today, I had to go into our heating room in the basement to push the little button on the water heater. I was looking around the room and saw that the trap placed by the Erhlich was overturned. So I panicked, of course. Then I called Erhlich. Now, it was towards the end of the day, and they wanted to send someone out tomorrow. However, they knew I was concerned (and a big baby), so they sent someone over anyways.
As it turns out, my husband had been downstairs a few weeks ago by the breaker box where the trap is. I realized before the Ehrlich guy came that this could be a possibility. The guy came into the house, checked the basement, and informed me that there is no evidence of any critters. Thank goodness! I told him that I realized after I called that my husband had been down there a few weeks ago, and I had called my husband to ask him about it. However, the Erhlich guy was really nice about it and once again put my mind at ease.
So yeah, even though it was a false alarm, I love the people at my local Ehrlich. They are awesome!


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