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7 Fairies I wish were real

Sometimes I really wish Fairies were real. However, I want like super productive ones that could make my life look perfect instead of the chaos it usually does. Here are just a few fairies I could use right about now!
1. The Laundry Fairy- She waves her magical wand and “poof,” I have clean clothes again. Extra happiness if she also magically put it all away
2. The Housekeeping Fairy- No more groaning about spilled milk and waffle crumbs all over the kitchen. The housekeeping fairy is there to save the day!
3. The Memo Fairy- She helps me remember everything so that I never forget a name or accidentally book two things at one time, not that I have done that for this weekend…No, not me.
4. The Gourmet Chef Fairy that not only makes everything taste good, but helps you lose weight- Enough Said
5. The Good Hair Fairy- Makes you look absolutely fabulous without even trying
6. The Hear No Evil Fairy- She makes it so that your children never hear you when you let a curse word slip, especially when driving
7. The Anti-Procrastination Fairy- She would never let someone like me write this post when I could be doing something else.

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  1. I totally need some fairies :)!

    1. me too:) That darn laundry fairy never seems to show 🙁

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