A Review of Maths Invaders and Typing Tournament by Ed Alive


I love programs where all three kids can use them. Recently, we received two one-year subscriptions for a typing tutor program called Typing Tournament Online and a fun math practice program called Maths Invaders Online from EdAlive to review with all three kids.  Today I want to give you an overview of both, but my focus will be on Maths Invaders Online.

What is Maths Invaders Online?

Maths Invaders Online provides a comprehensive math program that covers numeration and mental math calculations. Its focus is for children grades K through 10th grade.  It allows children to learn through playing fun games with a space theme. The program also provides worksheets for those wanting extra practice.

What is Typing Tournament online?

Typing Tournament Online is another program from Ed Alive that teaches typing skills to children ages six and up. It uses a Medieval theme, and the children are encouraged to defend the castle from invading words and extinguish fires set by a dragon. Between the games, drills, and lessons, students learn how to master typing skills.

Our Thoughts

All three of my kids have been using both programs for a while. Ed alive is an Austrailian based company that provides these programs, but the dialectical differences really didn’t come into play for us. My children have been more interested in Maths Invaders Online, which is why we will be focusing the rest of our review on that. I feel Typing Tournament Online will be useful for my youngest as she is just starting to use a computer more and needs typing skills. My older daughter has enjoyed the program, and my son said it makes him think about his posture in typing.

As for Maths Invaders Online, this program works with all three of my children.  While my youngest is 4 and a bit young for the program, she thirsts for knowledge and loves to play games. This program gives her the starts for basic math skills geared towards her age, and she has fun with it as well!

Sissy said that Maths Invaders Online makes a great math supplement for her. She really enjoys the story aspect. Plus, the game play makes it so she has fun. It doesn’t feel like school work to her.

Bubby said the Maths Invaders Online reminded him of Space Invaders. Since he plays a lot of retro games, this made him interested in the program right away! While he found the game challenging, he appreciated the format. If he didn’t know a question, he could get a different one. Also, he could go back a world if he needed to work more on something. He liked that the program provides worksheets. He needs extra math practice, and he loved the way this was all presented.


I feel these programs will be very useful to my children, and I am glad we got the opportunity to review them. While Typing Tournament Online was not something my son will use a lot because he has mastered his typing skills, my older daughter learned a few things already. This program will be a great asset to my younger daughter who is just starting to learn.

Maths Invaders Online provides a fun way for kids to learn math skills while keeping them engaged. My kids love to play online games, so this makes it easy to incorporate extra practice into their days.

Ed alive is on social Media and you can find them at:

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I hope you found this review of EdAlive’s Typing Tournament Online and Maths Invaders Online helpful. If you wish to view more reviews, please click below to see other Homeschool Review Crew reviews!


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