The Number 1 Thing Parents Need to Know About Kids Birthday Parties


For years, I used to plan birthday parties for kids as a party planner. However, there is 1 thing that most of us as parents tend to forget about in planning their kids’ birthday parties. Today, I am going to share the number 1 thing parents need to know about kids birthday parties that I learned from being an event planner.

I know it is so hard to get caught up in planning a party

You want to see the look on your child’s face when he/she enters the room. After all the time and money you spent, you want to see the expressions of the other children’s faces. All you want is the full effect! Hopefully, it will be remembered for months after it’s done. Yup, I totally get it! I am the same way when it comes to my children as well.

The Number 1 Thing Parents Need to Know About Kids Birthday Parties

My Story

Since I was a party planner, I went overboard occasionally. A good example was the Super Mario Party I threw for my big kids. It took me 10 hours to put it all together. I pulled an all nighter setting it up. Guess what their favorite part was? Was it the activities? Nope! Was it the food? Well, they did love the cake! However, their favorite part was showing all their friends the black currant bush so their friends could taste the little berries.

Kids Birthday Parties

The Number 1 Thing Parents Need to Know About Kids Birthday Parties

My best advice is to not stress about the party! Your kids will have fun. Something might go wrong…Murphy’s Law sort of dictates that. Maybe you won’t be able to find just the right decorations. Perhaps, the cake might slide in an awkward way on the way from the cake shop and push the frosting on the side of the cake a bit. That actually happened once.

Just remember to breathe, smile, and remember that your children will have fun anyways. They are going to be happy to see their friends and family. They will be happy doing whatever you have planned, and sometimes you don’t even need to plan much at all. This year, our party consisted of some cupcakes, drinks, and socializing at a local park. While I wanted to do more, all the kids wanted to do was to see their friends. They still talk about how fun it was!

Final Thoughts

So the next time you are hosting a party and feeling stressed, remember to breathe and relax. The party will be great no matter what.
What is your best party planning advice?
The Number 1 Thing Parents Need to Know About Kids Birthday Parties



  1. nicole
    October 9, 2019 at 2:57 am

    Such great advice! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Shane A
    October 11, 2019 at 10:43 am

    That is great advice. I think we often need to step back and assess if traditional party ideas and activities are really what are little ones would enjoy.

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