Cherishing those little moments

Now that the baby is sleeping through the night, it is usually assumed that after 9 pm, it’s Mommy Time! Mommy time usually consists of catching up on work (which feels like a neverending job right now), doing social media, exercising, cleaning up around the house, and getting a shower. I don’t go to bed until midnight usually. However, tonight, that isn’t happening.
It’s almost 11 pm, and I still have a kid on my lap. The baby discovered a cardboard box close to bedtime, and she didn’t want to stop playing until 10. I should have put her to bed, but I just let her play. Shortly after she finally went to bed, my older daughter came downstairs, and she wanted to cuddle. I should tell her to go to bed, but instead I am sitting here writing in an overstuffed chair with my big baby girl by my side. My big girl has been acting out a lot today, and honestly I was looking forward to her bedtime tonight. However, she came down here, and said she needed her Mommy. How can I refuse that? She will be nine next month and won’t be a little girl much longer. The times that she will be wanting to snuggle like this will be getting further and further apart. As for the baby…well she is only going to be little once. The world is hers to explore and seeing her giggle and play peek-a-boo made me throw all notions of a schedule out the window.
Sometimes I forgot how fast the time flies, but it really does. I don’t want to get old and realize I missed these precious moments. Instead, I am going to sit and cuddle with my sweet girl for a while and try to remember why I was mad at her today, which she has effectively made me forget.
How do you cherish moments with your child(ren)?

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